ZHU – Mannequins & Egos Lyrics

Mannequins & Egos Lyrics By ZHU

Dollars and ideas
I remember hustling beats for a meal
Spend a couple thousand racks on some wheels
Burning rubber for the trigger on the deal
How u feel

I spend my recipe yea
Green crack and sesame yea
Blue dream especially yea
It gets the best out of me yes
Look at my resume yea
They try to muzzle me yea
Embezzle bezzel me yea

Cuddle and guzzle me yea
My merch comes with editions
An apron for ya kitchen
Free market competition
The lvhm vision
I want my mausoleum
My art in all museums
Get pussy in the pm
U and ur friends and me and

Big egos big egos trippin na 4x

Damn homie
Back in high school
U was the man homie
What happened to u and your plan homie
I guess u never took a chance homie

They say I’m swerving
Addicted to curves
And herbs yea I’m faded
Dozens of fur
Yea we made it

She gon
Do Whatever it is
Anything that I want
Just put music on
Its her favorite song
I know for the rest of my life
I need some moments to kick it with homies
I know for the rest of my life
I need a woman , devoted

Big egos big egos trippin Na.