Youth Sector – Is Blood Lyrics

Is Blood Lyrics By Youth Sector

Are you proud of it?
Does it warm up your sleeping bag
Made out of it?
The red on your favourite flag
Is blood
Are you part of it?
You can’t learn from it anymore,
Worked hard at it?
The stain on your uniform
Is blood

You can drive all night long but you won’t beat it
You can draw the curtains tight, close your eyes and then you might still see it.
Hey no one ever said
You hadn’t had it tough,
But when you find yourself all kinds of trouble that’s enough.
Time for you to face that
It’s blood
Are you proud of it?
Does it warm up your bank account
Made out of it?
Do you still believe without a doubt

In God,
In men,
In repeating again?
In space,
In time,
Have they moved it all online?
Well there’s got to be more
Yeah there’s got to be more
Than just a book of the answers that nobody holds
And repeat.
And again and again
It’s blood