YellowPencil – Visual CSS Style Editor

YellowPencil - Visual CSS Style Editor
YellowPencil – Visual CSS Style Editor



YellowPencil is a WordPress CSS style editor plugin that allows you to customize your website layout in real-time.

The plugin allows you to customize any page and theme without coding. Click on an item and start visual editing. Adjust colors, fonts, sizes, positions, and much more. Take full control of your website design with over 60 style properties.





YellowPencil provides everything you need to customize your site design. The plugin comes with advanced features like visual resizing, drag and drop, measurement tool, as well as a ton of resources including background patterns, Google fonts, and trend color palettes, plus it has an advanced responsive tool that allows you to customize your site for any screen size.






YellowPencil – Visual CSS Style Editor Features

  • Customize any page, any element
  • Customize WordPress login page
  • Automatic CSS selectors
  • 60+ CSS properties
  • Visual Drag & Drop




  • Visual Margin & Padding editing
  • Live CSS editor
  • Live preview
  • Manage the changes
  • Undo / Redo history
  • Export stylesheet file


YellowPencil – Visual CSS Style Editor Other CSS Properties

  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Border
  • Border Radius
  • Position
  • Width




  • Height
  • Lists
  • Flexbox
  • Animation
  • Box Shadow
  • Transition
  • Filter





  • Transform
  • Opacity
  • Display
  • Cursor
  • Float
  • Clear
  • Visibility
  • Pointer Events
  • Overflow




Design Tools

The plugin provides you advanced tools and ready-to-use libraries for styling your website effortlessly.

  • Flexible element inspector
  • Single element inspector
  • Responsive tool
  • Element search tool
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  • Measuring tool
  • Wireframe view
  • Design information tool
  • Gradient generator
  • Animation manager
  • Animation generator





Design Assets

Reach many design assets with one click. Customize your website’s design to fit your needs!

  • 800+ Google fonts
  • 300+ Background patterns
  • Unsplash background stock images
  • Material and flat color palettes
  • 50+ Animations




CSS Properties: Text

  • Font Family
  • Font Weight
  • Color
  • Text Shadow
  • Font Size




  • Line Height
  • Font Style
  • Text Align
  • Text Transform
  • Letter Spacing





  • Word Spacing
  • Text Decoration
  • Text Indent
  • Word Wrap





CSS Properties: Background

  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Background Clip
  • Background Blend Mode





  • Background Position
  • Background Size
  • Background Repeat
  • Background Attachment