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XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers



XL WooCommerce Sales Trigger is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to place advanced messages (also known as “Triggers”) on product pages. These triggers cause shortages, build trust, and inspire shoppers to take action. This plugin improves the conversion rate of your WooCommerce store and gives you more sales from your existing product pages.




XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers Features

Deal Expiry trigger shows countdown time timer for products on scheduled sale. By giving discounts, you’re dangling a carrot, and by informing them about the deadline, you’re using the stick. It motivates the user to buy.

2. Low Stock: WooCommerce In Stock, Low Stock, Out of Stock Status
Buyers tend to delay buying. The only way to get them to act fast is to give them a reason to do so.The Low Stock trigger gives them a credible reason by intimating them about limited stock availability.




If the number of items available in stock is greater than the set threshold, it shows ‘In Stock’ message.And if it’s below the threshold, the stock status message automatically switches to- ‘Only two items remaining. Almost Gone…!’ The former assures the shoppers that there’ll be no surprises post checkout. The latter creates a sense of urgency and makes visitors act fast. It is way better than what native WooCommerce does i.e. display the number of in-stock items, even if it is 4000!



3. Savings: WooCommerce Total Savings
Displaying savings is an excellent way to replace the pain of parting with money with the joy of finding a good deal. Use this trigger on discounted products to show savings in absolute number and percentage. When a shopper sees how much they can save by taking the deal, they feel compelled to unlock the savings. Their focus shifts from spending money to saving it on an item they anyway needed.

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4. Sales Insight: WooCommerce Sales Social Proof
Would you get attracted to a shop bustling with activity or an empty one?The busier one, right? People are more likely to buy from a busier store because it gives them a credible reason to trust it. It makes them feel that ‘if others are buying, the products must be good.’They take the decision based on the wisdom of the crowd. That’s what this trigger helps you achieve.




The Sales Activities Trigger shares a small snippet of information about the recent purchases. It displays the information in two formats: The first name and location of the most recent buyers.
The number of purchases in a chosen period.
This trigger acts as a social proof especially for first-time visitors who want to be sure that the store is legit and the item is selling.



5. Guarantee: WooCommerce Estimated Shipping, Delivery, Return
Shoppers always have concerns and questions: ‘When will this product be shipped?’
‘Can I return it if I don’t like?’
‘Does this order size qualify for free shipping?’
‘Is the checkout process secure?’




These objections can kill the sales in the last minute. The Guarantee trigger allows you to answer these last-minute inquiries on the product page itself, amping up buyer confidence.Add details in this box about: Hassle-free returns
The free shipment threshold
Information about areas where you ship
Secure checkout
Trust Badges





6. Smarter Reviews: WooCommerce Smarter Product Ratings
Let’s face it: A small number of product reviews give people an impression that the product is not selling well. Shoppers are used to seeing hundreds of reviews for each product on sites like Amazon, eBay, Zappos. You may be losing visitors just because your products may only have a handful of reviews. Sample this, which statement creates a better impression: Case 1: 4 customer reviews OR 86% satisfaction rates 2: 5 customer reviews OR 90% buyers gave more than 4-star rating

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7. Best Sellers: WooCommerce Best Seller Badge
Have you been to a new restaurant and asked the dining waitress to guide you to the best/most popular dish? We all do that. Similarly when a first-time visitor, lands on your store, the best-seller badge guides him to the most sought-after product in your store.



This trigger sticks an eye-catching badge on the product/category page and guides the visitor to the best-selling items. First, it gives them big, bold thumbs up that the product they’re viewing is a popular choice. Second, it sends a subconscious message that people are buying from you  This trigger helps reduce shopper’s anxiety.