WZone Addon – WooCommerce eBay Affiliates Plugin

WZone Addon - WooCommerce eBay Affiliates Plugin
WZone AddonWooCommerce eBay Affiliates Plugin



The WZone eBay plugin allows you to bulk import eBay products to WooCommerce in just minutes!



WZone Addon – WooCommerce eBay Affiliates Plugin Features

Insane Import Mode
Let’s talk about the Insane Import Mode. How does it work It allows you to search for products that are on eBay, and import them in 2 different ways: by filtering ebay products by keyword or CSV import (if you already have a list).



Checkout options There is only one way to handle the checkout – Direct Checkout You can send the visitors directly to eBay, on the products details page. Importing images WZone eBay uses Remote Images This means that the products images load straight from eBay’s servers which means faster loading time for your customers! Import eBay Products on Autopilot using the Auto Import Products Module !




This new module helps you import products automatically! Yes you heard that right! You just need to set a keyword, setup how many pages to import and simply add it to the Products Queue. Automatic Content Spinner Excellent On Page Optimization for eBay Products Worried about Google finding duplicated content? We’ve developed a new module called Automated Content Spinner that will automatically spin the content that comes from eBay upon import. That way, you can have unique content with minimal efforts.



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Speed Optimization Make your Website Load Faster! Using the Speed Optimization Module, you will improve your website’s speed dramatically! Products Stats Easily Check Your Conversions Using the Products stats you can easily see statistics for the imported products from Ebay. You can see the most popular products, how many hits they had and how many redirections to ebay.



Synchronisation Sync ebay products Using the Synchronisation module you can keep track if the eBay products were synced, and when. Reporting module Well, as the name says for itself, it’s a reporting module, specially made for keeping track of the products imported from ebay (how many views they had & redirected to ebay) and to keep track of the synchronization log – what and how many products were synched.




What’s the cool thing about this Report? Well it comes via e-mail, and you can setup to receive an email containing these statistics on at least 12 hours and up to once per month. Products in Posts Add products into post using shortcodes