WordPress Setup Wizard

WordPress Setup Wizard
WordPress Setup Wizard




Set up your next Google-ready WordPress site in less than 5 minutes! What if I told you that you can skip the most boring part of launching a new WordPress site?
Setting up a WordPress installation is a boring and repetitive task that you must do every time you set up a new website. Going through the same site setup process, every time, over and over again. This can be excruciating!





WordPress Setup Wizard Features:

    • Run the plugin’s built-in “Quick Setup Wizard” and configure your site in a simple and pleasant interface
    • Site Settings: change site title, tagline, favicon, admin email, permalink structure, rename the “Uncategorized” default category, set user registration options, email options, site language, time zone, date format, time format
    • Content Cleanup: delete all posts, pages, categories, tags, comments or attachments
    • Content Cleanup: cleanup unnecessary database entries




      • “About Us”
      • Contact Us”
      • Affiliate Disclosure”
      • “Amazon Affiliate Disclosure”
      • “AntiSpam Policy”
      • “Cookie Policy”
      • GDPR Requests”
      • “Copyright Policy”
      • “Earnings Disclaimer”
      • “Medical Disclaimer”
      • “Privacy Policy”
      • “Terms of Service”




    • Content Creation: create blank posts and pages
    • Content Creation: create categories and tags
    • Content Creation: create dummy website content
    • Content Creation: “YouTube Caption Scraper” module will be able to get import any YouTube video’s closed captions and use it as your site’s unique content
    • Site Features: add a simple site banner to the top of posts and pages
    • Commenting Settings: change new comment moderation and email settings
    • Commenting Creation: disable comments for posts or pages
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    • Commenting Creation: replace the default WordPress commenting system with Facebook comments
    • Images: set default image upload quality
    • Images: remove EXIF data from images
    • Images: automatically watermark uploaded images
    • Code Customizations: add CSS or header/footer code to your pages
    • User Access: allow only logged in users to view your site
    • User Access: switch your site to “Under Construction” mode
    • GDPR Settings: show a cookie consent notice to visitors




    • GDPR Settings: choose to accept or redirect EU traffic
    • GDPR Settings: add a “Right to be Forgotten” form to your website
    • GDPR Settings: add a “Data Access Request” form to your website
    • GDPR Settings: add an “Unsubscribe” form to your website
    • GDPR Settings: add a “Data Rectification Request” form to your website
    • GDPR Settings: add a GDPR consent checkbox to comment forms
    • Theme Setup: automatically install a list of themes you select




    • Plugin Setup: automatically install a list of plugins you select
    • Website Security: limit login attempts
    • Website Security: change default WordPress login URL
    • Website Security: enforce SSL/HTTPS
    • Website Security: Google ReCaptcha integration to login form, comments form and contact forms generated by this plugin
    • Website Security: full database backup



     disable right click on the front end

  • Content Protection: disable text selection on the front end
  • SEO: Automatically generate SEO meta tags like Facebook OG tags, Twitter meta tags or generic website meta tags
  • SEO: business JSON-LD meta information
  • SEO: automatic robots.txt generation
  • SEO: business SEO rating meta information
  • SEO: redirect 404 page not found errors to home page



  • SEO: discourage search engines from indexing your site
  • Social: automatically add social share buttons to your posts or pages for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit
  • Social: automatically add a “Pin It” button to all images from content
  • Monetization: automatically add your affiliate links to keywords from content (optionally, replace the keywords with other words)
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  • Monetization: AdSense Automatic Ads integration
  • Monetization: automatically add affiliate products to your products from:
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • ClickBank
    • Commission Junction
    • GearBest
    • AliExpress
    • Envato
    • Walmart
    • Etsy




  • Page Speed: minify, compress and combine HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Page Speed: remove query strings from static resources
  • Page Speed: enable GZIP compression
  • Page Speed: leverage browser caching
  • Website Branding: customize WordPress login page colors, background image, text, logo, form, and buttons
  • Website Branding: customize WordPress admin bar logo, menus and hide them on the front end
  • Website Branding: remove admin dashboard widgets
  • Website Branding: change WordPress admin header and footer text
  • Website Branding: edit admin menu entry labels and hide them for non-admin users