WooCommerce Multiple Currencies

WooCommerce Multiple Currencies
WooCommerce Multiple Currencies



Your store will display the price of the items according to the selected currency! WooCommerce Multiple Currencies is very simple: install, select currencies, and update frequency!
You don’t need to set up any third-party paid services to update your rates or any additional complicated settings. It is based on its own update rate system (powered by CurrencyConverterApi) that does not require any additional configuration.




WooCommerce Multiple Currencies Features

The plugin will automatically update rates without the need of any further configuration or 3rd party services. The plugin relies on its own innovative update rates service without requiring the shop admin to set any additional tricky setting (update rate services powered by CurrencyConverterApi)! CURRENCY SWITCHER DISPLAY OPTIONS The plugin allows to automatically display the Currency switcher in any page footer, or in any menu (as first or last element) or through a Widget! The widget can be added to any widget area through the Appearance -> Widget menu.


For each currency, the shop admin can optionally associate default countries. In this way, the plugin will automatically select that currency at first access of any customer coming from that country. Country detection is performed using the WooCommerce Geolocation feature. CURRENCY POSITION For each currency you can easily assign its own position (before or after the price)! PAYMENT GATEWAY PER CURRENCY




Would you like to make available only certain payment gateways for some currencies? You can! Just select the ones you need in for each currency using the Exchange rate menu. SHORTCODE Through the special [wcmc_currency_selector] you can optionally display the currency switcher in any place! PHP FUNCTION The wcmc_currency_selector(); function allows to display the currency switcher in any template.

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