WooCommerce — Delivery Date & Time Slots

WooCommerce — Delivery Date & Time Slots
WooCommerceDelivery Date & Time Slots



Simplified WooCommerce delivery
No matter what you want to offer, our plugin will help you. Whether it’s food, products that require installation, or special delivery boxes, our WooCommerce delivery plugin will help you.








WooCommerce — Delivery Date & Time Slots Features

  • Set delivery times per Weekday
  • Set a start/end date
  • Exclude holidays / off days
  • Custom notifications for all types
  • Custom Date & Time Format
  • Set opening hours per day with 2-time frames



  • Remove checkout fields & disable mandatory
  • Show delivery options only on specific shipping methods
  • Disable delivery dates on weekdays
  • Create today and next day delivery fees
  • Disable delivery on specific weekdays
  • Only deliver within a specific radius (km or miles)