WebViewGold For IOS – WebView URL/HTML To IOS App

WebViewGold For IOS – WebView URL-HTML To IOS App
WebViewGold For IOS – WebView URL-HTML To IOS App



WebViewGold For IOS – WebView URL-HTML To IOS App turn your websites and web apps into iOS apps. This app template is compatible with all kinds of web apps/websites (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, Progressive web apps, HTML 5 games, WiX, Jimdo, apprat.io, bubble, Webflow, …).




WebViewGold For IOS – WebView URL/HTML To IOS App Features

  • Optimized for exceptional performance (up to 2x faster than UIWebView apps)
  • 100% ready for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, Swift 5.2, and Xcode 12
  • Support for Apple App Tracking Transparency
  • Universal App Design: Optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad lineups
  • Easy: Just define your current web app address/URL (or your local HTML folder), and WebViewGold takes care of the rest!
  • Always up-to-date



  • Optional fallback switch mode: Use local HTML folder if the user is offline, and use the remote URL if the user is online
  • Native Loading Spinner/iOS Activity Indicator while loading your web app
  • Display a Splash Screen (e.g., containing animated GIFs) until the first page was loaded completely
  • Smart Performance Cache Mechanism
  • Offline Screen with “Try again” button and Auto Reconnect if your app can’t connect to your URL
  • File Uploads & Camera Uploads supported
  • Support for uploading multiple files in HTML upload forms




  • GPS Location / HTML Geolocation supported
  • Option to prevent the device from going to sleep mode while the app is active
  • HTML 5 Audio supported – even if your app is in background mode
  • URL Handling: Define which URLs should be opened in Safari instead of your app (ideal for external links, e.g., Facebook/Twitter)
  • Language Detection: Append the user system language to the WebView URL
  • Custom Status Bar Color Design
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  • iOS Dark Mode: Load a different, optional URL if activated
  • Define customized, separated User-Agents for iPhone and iPad devices
  • Downloader for PDF, ePub, Wallet, Documents, and Music Files (using “Open with” dialog; add unlimited file types that should trigger the built-in file downloader)
  • Image Saving API (save images directly to Photos app)
  • Native JavaScript Dialogs like alert(), confirm() and prompt()




  • Optional Tab Functionality with additional In-App-Browser (by calling top.location or top.location.href links)
  • Print documents: Just link to a .pdf file and iOS will offer the AirPrint option in the “Open with…“ dialog
  • In-App Purchases & In-App Subscriptions API
  • Native Sharing Dialog API
  • iCal Calendar API



  • Powerful QR Code Scanner API
  • “Reset the app” API (clear cookies and cache of your user via link)
  • First Run Dialog (e.g. “Thanks for downloading this app!”)
  • In-App App Store Rating Dialog
  • “Follow on Facebook” Dialog