Watered My Heart (Chapter 2)

Watered My Heart

Chapter 2

Angel pov – I heard my name immediately i know it was my mom then I know am in for trouble
Running to meet her at the same time thinking what i might have done wrong yea my family is my only weakness huh you won’t want to bully back then in high school .on getting there .pack all these cloth and wash them all this morning she said but mom i should be getting ready for the school exam today i wanted to say that loud but mind beat me to it if she heard about it ,am never gonna sit for it .”now’ she yell then reallity came back hitting me mom those cloth are for anna
Soo you can’t wash her cloth pack that cloth out to wash before i lose it
I rush out with the cloth and start washing

Thirty-minute later mom came down the stairs
When you are done with those make sure you clean all the room i most not met anywhere untidy she left
I laugh hehehehehe i carry the bowl of cloth am washing to the washing go put on the generator pour the cloth there then want to each room to clean with the help of electric sweeper dust some then am done i remember the cloth in the machine i run like an antelope jump down to the entrance of the machine room thereby avoiding the use of stairs
yea that a really long jump now you will get a glimse when i say no one wanna get on my bad side back in high school turning it off thanks my stars it stop waking after done washing i pack them all and dry them all on hanger
I left there to dress up for the exam in the next 45 minutes it will start lord help me please i rush down now another problem of mine is the school is far from here and i had no money with me
I desided i will just do my normal stunt today then you won’t want to hear that cause it risky getting to bus stop that where lorry usually pass it like a road they most all pass talking few step backward i jump and catch my flight wow god really smile on me today i hang my hand at the lorry then take a row of toast bread who would have know i will ride a lorry that will deliver toat bread today i laugh hehehehehe i ate to my satisfaction it part of delivering it for them now Jesus 15 minutes left i smile i saw the school ahead of me i jump down arrange my waist lenght hair in ponytail straighten my blouse and went in i got there just in time and it start i hope i pass cause am on scholarship

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I came down from the car i have a meeting with the gold skin care company base on proposal they want me as cover photo for the cream
You will be wondering why a 17 years old boy like me is already inthe business line well my father has always want me to take the business after him but that never gonna happen he don’t even want me to go to college but no i already apply for a college with low profile school none of his business partners will see me so it will be easy for him not to know dou not that low profile school but with the level of his business partner none can send their children to that college

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Have told him severally that am into modeling that it my life but he never listen so am doing it my way now since he desided not to help me
My sister could take care of everything without him already so he should just let me be why dragging me into it
The college even said i already pass their exam which will be taking place today no need of me coming funny to me cause am mr willians son hehehehe if only they know am there on my own
The shooting is going fine but am having a problem with this makeup artist she is been clingy well-having stand won’t be bad after all
They (girls) turn me to that thanks to her i give no fuck to feelings now

After the shot i went to the showroom to change to my outfit here she came place her hand on my chest if only she know i give no fuck to romance
I like it rough i smirk as she said that but she gonna regret ever saying that i drag her to wall pull down her skirt left up her left leg to the dressing table the bich don’t even put on pant so it make it easy than i fuck the hell out of her till she start to shake and i could hear her sobbing begging me to stop but am not done yet sorry bitch i increase my pound making sure to hit every fucking corner of her pussy after some time i release

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Smack her ass get out bitch no reply seems she past out i dress up and left I got down to the car they open the door and i step In Few mile away i jolt out of my mind as the car stagger backward then front what the hell i remove the headphone i put immediately i heard gun shot what happening
sir we are been chase and firing gun at shit drive faster i yell they are coming close unlock the car i command i jump out without thinking immediately i landed am hurt but that the least right now i start running am getting used to my fathers business partner wanting me as a bait for contract so it no new to me i heard some step coming toward where am hiding i silently pray they won’t see me suddenly a hand pull me up to the roof fear grip me but i look down they are exactly where i hide i close my eye and Thanks god i look back to see who helped me to my surprise i saw someone figure already jumping to another roof what !!! Is that not a girl………