Watered My Heart (Chapter 1)

Watered My Heart

Chapter 1


I wake up to the sound of the annoying alarm I wanted to smash it on the wall but I dear not
I stood on my feet as I remember the morning chores I went to the bathroom did my morning business and down to the kitchen oop’s my manner
I am an angel by name,17 years old I have two sisters anna and Elena
15 and 7 respectively

You will be wondering why I quickly stand on my feet to work well that is it every morning i cook, sweep the compound, wash cloth when i say cloth i mean i mount hill pile up cloth
Wash dishes and so on
Is not like my parent can’t afford house help but they just decided to make it all on me not minding the stress i will go through or time it will take me
Washing machine is available but I dear not make use of them
I was washing the dishes when I heard my name that mom
Am doom

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Alex pov
I stood up went to the bathroom step into the bathtub and let the water cascade my body after Jannie have betrayed me i don’t have any girl who impresses me
They are all after money or my father’s properties so am so done with girls they are just all the same.
I turn off the shower and left to dress up
I put on white shorts leave with not too long shorts with gold slippers
Diamond earring at the left ear couple with my diamond rings then went out
They all bow as i step out i ignore them all climb down the stairs going to the dining i look at all sort of food place down none of them cut my attention cause i smell something am allergic to

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Who cook this food I yell the cook came trembling and visibly shaking it…m.e……sir
Now that what i like they should all fear me
fucking tell me why you added thyme to the food

The chef came running down sir she is a new maid here so she won’t know that you are allergic to it sir
Why will you in the first place allow a new maid to cook my food
I stood up angrily both of you, you are fired I went down entered the car and my personal assistance start listing my schedule for the day………… TBC