Watered My Heart (Can Never Be Together) Prologue

Watered my heart (Can never be together )

Mr and Mrs otisvia was a not too rich but not poor family who live in San Francisco with three kids
They love them all except for one, the eldest, Mrs otisvia most especially make life difficult for her while she pampered the other’s

Have you ever seen someone whose ‘beauty” is a low term to describe her to the extent you ask yourself if the same god that create you created her
She is just 17 years of age

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She is so beautiful but seems not to like it herself using a blind to always cover her beautiful face wear baggy cloth to cover her curve but you will still notice something beautiful there. family calls her a curse cause of her too much beauty .who is this beauty? what is her name?.
I assure you she is not the type to mess with but family is her only weakness.

Alex Williams was 18 years old handsome boy, his father has so many companies so he lacks nothing, the president borrows from his father .but he is proud grumpy, and has no feelings.
His life is full of risk cause his father has so many enemies but he seems to escape a particular one that would have claimed his life if not for her

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Is she the one that safe him?
How did a mare girl save him from a killer?
What happens when he changes behavior, become friendly, also want a low profile just to be with her

What happens when she finds out who he is would she still love him?
What happens when they don’t want them together
But he wants to be with her at all cost
Why is she not the type to mess with ?.

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Find your answer as you follow the story…………….