Vcity – Online Browser Game Platform

Vcity - Online Browser Game Platform
Vcity – Online Browser Game Platform



vCity is an online browser gaming platform that is powered by the latest web technologies. vCity is a multifunctional game script that will help you create your own browser game online as you like because it has many options and settings to modify and create the browser game you want.



It can be easily customized to suit your needs and will help you create the most respected virtual life game in the world vCity is a fully functional browser-based game engine. It is an easy-to-use and feature-packed PHP script with which you can efficiently create your own gaming website in minutes.



Vcity – Online Browser Game Platform Features

  • Characters
    After sign up the player can select a character to start the game with. Every character has specific skills.
  • Vehicles
    Big variety of Vehicles in different Categories. They can be used in the Street Races.
  • Properties
    Players can buy properties and then receive income periodically from them.
  • Pets
    Pets make the home more beautiful and add different skills to the character.
  • Shop
    Players can buy different Items and every item improves the character and helps him in the Fight Arena.
  • Work





  • Gym
    Players can go to Gym and train their character to improve their skills.
  • School
    Players can go to school and improve their character’s intelligence.
  • Bank
    Players can protect their money in the local Bank.
  • Hospital
    When a player has low health it can go to the Hospital to restore its health.
  • Street Races
    Players can race against other players to earn additional money, gold, and respect.
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  • Leaderboard
    The ranking of all players in the game.
  • Resources
    Players can purchase additional Money, Gold, VIP Status, and other bonuses with real money to improve their presence in the game.
  • Home, Garage, Hangar, and Quay Upgrades
    Homes, Garages, Hangars, and Quays can be upgraded to fit more pets, vehicles, planes, and boats in them.
  • (PM) Message System
    Players can send private messages to other players and communicate via this system.
  • Chat System
    AJAX Live Chat System can help all players to communicate via it.
  • Levels
    Players can level up by doing different activities and buying different things.
  • Comments Section




  • Themes
    The game can be redesigned in different themes. Many themes are added by default.
  • Ads Module
    Ads Module allows you to monetize your game, display advertising to share content and offers to your visitors.
  • PayPal Integration
    The game is integrated with PayPal, so the game owner can receive real money from the game.
  • AJAX Player Statistics
    Each player’s Stats are refreshed in background mode automatically without refresh of the whole page.
  • Facebook Login
    The players can easily register or log in via their Facebook profile.
  • Custom Pages




  • Powerful Admin Panel
    Most modules and settings of the game can be modified from the Admin Panel.
  • Easily Customizable Source Code
    The script is written in PHP Procedural style and everything can be customized in no time.
  • Secure
    The script is integrated with special security functions borrowed from Project SECURITY to protect the whole game and its players.
  • Dashboard + Stats System
    On the Dashboard, you can check the stats of your game.
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  • Very Optimized
    The script is very lightweight and the source code & the graphics are very optimized.
  • 99% Responsive
    Looks good on almost all devices and screen resolutions.
  • Easy to setup
    The script is very easy to install and every step is described in the Documentation.
  • Easy for use