Turbo Share App Source Code

Turbo Share App Source Code
Turbo Share App Source Code
With Turbo Share App Source Code  You Can Share files from one device to another wirelessly. With  No Internet Acess, you can share video, audio, photo, file with close friends The best feature of Turbo Share is that you can share files separately or in cube shape, including apps, videos, photos, music, office (PDF,  .docs), etc.
  Sharing data has never been easier.  Share it With our TURBO SHARE: File transfer, share, enjoy sharing unlimited data totally free We allow our client to share all kinds of sharing without any kind of WIFI from one phone to another, so this application is totally offline.

Turbo Share App Source Code Features:

 √ No network restrictions, share files whenever and wherever.
  √Supports multiple sharing at once
√  Support file access after the receiver
√  No USB!  Internet is not needed!
 √ The speed goes up to 20 M / s.
 √ Fast, optimized and powerful tool”¢
 √ Beautiful user interface
√  High quality
√  OpenWeatherMap API
 √ Money making app
√  one signal notification
 √ Integrated AdMob Ads
√  Developed with Android Studio and Gradle
√  Jelly Bean support (Android 4.1) and later versions
 √ Material design following Android design guidelines
  √Complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union)
  √Support for high-resolution displays (xxxhdpi)
√  Well documented…