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Tips On Relationships Advice
Tips On Relationships Advice

Contentment would like to share with u about having new relationships because you are all excited because you’re in a new relationship


Hello members of relations
and this is Lester today I’d like to speak with us about
having new relationships so
you all excited because you’re in a new relationship it’s like having a new toy
when you were a kid all excited
but are you suffering from the syndrome
for happily ever after so you intend a relationship and you
think that you have nothing else to do
but let me tell you the journey has now

The work has just started
and there’s no happily ever after
just smooth sailing
you’ve got to work at the relationship to keep it

So the reality this is the reality
and sometimes we think
that like okay some people might think okay
marriage if they get into a wedding
then that will solve all the problem

But let me tell you
it is probably the beginning of problems
if you are not sorted
before you make that commitment
because it is a commitment and it is uh
although it is social and legal

Commitment but it is and it is very serious so do not take it for granted
we have to be mindful of the fact
we have to
be satisfied with the relationship
that we’re in so therefore
in the early stages, it’s about getting
to know the person

Getting to know the likes dislikes sharing information about
ourselves and getting to know each other
and then as the years, we were by
hopefully, fingers crossed then
things were things we will get to know
each other in such a way that

We can know exactly what a person wants
but then
do we become complacent in the sense that the more we know about
somebody and then and there
the less we granted we keep the relationship
still and we

Sort of like hold on to tradition instead of making it instead of
freshening it up
it probably needs some Febreze but Febreze yes
but um Febreze would not work in that case
it needs work and this romance in that case romances the February

And love
as I said eventually after some years you may not
feel much anymore
however, you know that you love that person
and it has to be reciprocated it can’t be worn away
if you ever

Have a one-way love you do not have love
you still need to be looking so
just be mindful of this
and always take note
that it’s not a cinderella story
it is not forever happily ever

After unless you’re working at the happily
ever after and some days you will have upsets
some days your partner might be upset
and you are the one to sue them
because as I always say I give the

The analogy that life is a cycle it’s like the earth go around in circles
so one day you might be up and one day
he might be down at the bottom
and that’s how emotions
move according to the earth

Rhythm so when we’re down we want somebody to see
with us to help us to get up
and when we’re we’re up we’re up
it’s like and when you’re up here up and
when you’re done you’re down

But just know that no situation is permanent
so that if you’re down today
tomorrow you will it will the
the circle will keep going and you will be
on top one day unless you
want to self-sabotage and stay down

But if you go with the flow
then things will work out so
on that note
see you the next time…