The truth behind the UNILORIN students’ attack on a female teacher



A UNILORIN student who attacked his teacher and put him in a coma state came out to explain the reason why he turned away from Mrs. Zakariau.

Last year’s Bachelor of Microbiology, Salaudeen Waliu, revealed that Ms. Zakariyau who also doubles as her project manager, carelessly handed over her mandatory industrial work program, SIWES, which she missed due to some uncontrollable events.

Speaking to student journalists yesterday after his arrest at the UNILORIN security box, Waliu, also known as Captain Walz, stated that he had seen in a vision how his teachers, including a level manager, plotted his possible downfall.

Captain Walls implied that he didn’t attend SIWES because he was arrested at the time for a crime he never committed because there was a huge misunderstanding about why the police put him in jail.

However, he claims that his lecturer was the first to attack when he threw the glass, which shocked him and sparked his anger which eventually led to the beating to a coma.

Waliu explained that Ms. Zakariyau didn’t fight back because she knew she couldn’t take revenge, so he beat her and then dragged her out of her office to continue the beating.

“I took him and he ran away. I chased after them and continued to beat them before anyone came. I tried to run away, but then I was caught by the school guard,” said Waliu.

Adeleye Isaac, secretary-general of the student union, said the union was aware of the unfortunate incident. However, they were unable to meet the student because he was transferred to Police Unit F, but Waliu was brought back to the university’s security department.

“The man must have acted under the influence of drugs, which the government condemns. and use the tool to inform student bodies not to report harmful and abusive drug use.