Still Insane – Black Sheep Lyrics

Black Sheep Lyrics By Still Insane

Rarely invited by other bands.
Even if they proclaim to be friends.
You’re always there for others.
You treat them like brothers.
But for unknown reasons they flee you as if you were poison.
Black sheep

Unwanted like a disease.
You’re a Black Sheep
But no chance to see you get on your knees.
You don’t wait for others to bring your chance.
Alone on the offensive, you also manage the defense.

No time to cry for this unwelcome feeling.
You keep good pressure to stop the bleeding.
We know It’s never easy to feel apart.
But you never forgot who the fuck you are.
You never changed to join the crew.
You focus on what you want to do! Even if no one is with you. You tell them fuck you/you will stay true