Steffgasm Lyrics By Stefflon Don

Steffgasm Lyrics By Stefflon Don
Steffgasm Lyrics By Stefflon Don


Stefflon Don Steffgasm Lyrics, Him seh mi look good in my skin tight dress
10 outa 10 Maybe more nothing less
Bad gyal from the east side batty n breast
Just a jiggle and a shake like twerk contest

Baby please dont u leave
Him tell mi seh mi pum pum bless bless
Cardiac him fi arrest rest rest mi
Spin me like a bokkle of di pepsi

Dondadda badder than marks man top shotta
Bank robber get gwalla money haffi stack propa
Mi no ina nothing with no boring man
Mi no horing but ina di sheet me do di touring

Anything weh u need weh u wanting
Skills mi posses make mi get my plantin
Petty in a face inna waist and mi talented
2 balls inna one hand so mi balance it

Him seh mi Hotter than a fucking pepper pot
Bum flick pon di stick like mi is a acrobat
Tick then tock drop it hot with a squat
Gwaan bad fi mi man gwaan bad fi a don

Now him say him want a 3 sum
She pon di kitty jussa a reason
Him jussa admire we features
Tie we up like a sneaker boy you too eager
If me put it inna matic
Bet yuh seh u wont manage
Fi mi passage cause damage
Yh she lavish but She savvage

You a gyalis ina palace
And mi dont hold malice
Tek mi high like Chalis
Tek mi to another planet

Is a bad mi want up inna mi tight hole
Bu dung gududung send mi pon a high road
Put mi leg inna di sky put it inna flight mode
A no visa fi fly you give me passport

Do do do do do do do do aaah