Stay Awake Lyrics By Fixation

Stay Awake Lyrics By Fixation
Stay Awake Lyrics By Fixation


  • Fixation Stay Awake Lyrics

Eyes are burning bright
by fires that you have helped ignite.
And you came just so you could start a fight.
Don’t give a fuck about your revolution, right?

Do you think it’s justified to spread a lie
by shoving my face into the pavement?
And just ‘cause you think you’re right, don’t make you right.
You bury yourself with every statement.

And I know, and I know that you feel the urge
to control everything that you can’t discern.
‘Cause it’s different from you and from what you’ve learned,
and that’s scary for someone who’s blind ‘cause their back has been turned.

Stay awake.
We’ve had enough of the future they sell.
If we wanted to be restrained
we would tie the knot ourselves.

Offended by the sight
of strangers who just want to survive.
You spit on their culture out of spite,
then scream that they violate your rights.

If all hope is lost,
then why are you fighting for
your place in this great hopeless cause?
The irony is not lost on me.