Sincerely Collins – 1984 Lyrics

1984 Lyrics By Sincerely Collins

Blowin spinach
Cuz hella on my plate every day like din is
I ain’t slowing up, not until god finish
It’s due for me to come up with this shit like rent is
It’s harder for a n**** when you dark like tint is
I could go back and fourth about the shit like mmm
I could go back and fourth about the shit like tennis

The walls are caving in on the streets no venice
Uncle sam all up in ya pocket like lint is
I supply my own book of records I’m guiness
They ain’t ever seen a weapon sharp as my pen is
N***** act hard but they fake like ken is

I see all the sharks in this great white business
I be pullin teeth pullin strings I’m the dentist
Major with the flow bring major incentives
But god told me that I gotta stay independent
This a love letter signed sealed then I sent it

Gettin to the bag to the bag ima get it
And for my baby girl for my world ima spend it
Any thing you do love gotta intend it
Anything you do love gotta extrend it
Take it from ya dude gods love is infinite
Ain’t no need to mask that I ain’t in-scented

Devil shootin shots he ain’t never been sim’n
World like a paragraph gotta indent it
Clones in my city copy what I invented
Grateful my influence been imprinted
Power and responsibility I’ve been given
Mama gave a mission and that’s why I stay driven
God need soldiers that’s why I stay livin
They tryin turn you into nothin more than a digit
Tyson, they got us by the ear and they bit it
1984 was a ploy now you in it