SchoolMate – Complete School And College ERP Solution

SchoolMate - Complete School And College ERP Solution
SchoolMate – Complete School And College ERP Solution




SchoolMate Software: – Student Management: The student management system helps to keep track of the student registration process. A user can add, modify or view modules intended to facilitate registration and identify the student’s background during the admission procedure Personnel management: The personnel management system helps to keep track of the personnel registration process. A user can add, modify or view modules.



Library management: allows the user to keep the list of books with the date of issue and the date the book is returned. It also has the barcode function Payroll Management: Helps maintain staff payroll Notifications and Alerts: Students, Teachers, Staff, etc. They are informed of various activities and events through email / SMS alerts Schedule Management: The school schedule software allows the user to set the schedule as For exams.




Hostel management: the hostel management system enables the function of managing the school students who live in the school premises, that is, the hostel, the school management system manages the hostel activities of the hostel students Attendance Management: The school attendance management system tracks the daily attendance of students and staff and sorts the list of students found under the list of attendance requirements.




Exam Management – Make it easy for student exam and record student results easily and also print attractive grade sheet and grade sheet Import bulk data from Excel: You can easily import bulk data (students and employees) from Excel and export bulk data from application to Excel sheet as well Report Management: This module allows the user to generate very attractive reports that can be specifically designed to meet the needs of the institution.

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SchoolMate – Complete School And College ERP Solution Features

  • Master Entry :
  • School Types Entry
  • School Entry
  • Class Type Entry
  • Class Entry
  • Section Entry




  • Class Sections Entry
  • Sessions Entry
  • Employees Department Entry
  • Designations Entry
  • Fee Types Entry
  • School Fees Entry




  • Bus Entry
  • Location Entry
  • Bus Installments Entry
  • Hostel Entry
  • Hostel Installments
  • Grading Levels Entry
  • Exams Entry




  • Book Suppliers Entry
  • Books Classifications Entry
  • Books Category Entry
  • Books Sub Category Entry
  • Books Entry
  • Book Suppliers Entry
  • Journal’s and Magazines Entry
  • Student Documents Entry




  • Student Registrations
  • Student Discounts Entry
  • Student Hostelers Entry
  • Students BusHolder Entry
  • Students Attendance Entry
  • Student’s Class Promotions Entry




  • Employee Bus Holders
  • Employee Discount’s
  • Employee Attendance
  • Employee Salary Payments
  • Employee Salary Payment Attractive Receipts




  • Books Fine Setting
  • Books Reservations
  • Books Issue
  • Books Return
  • Journal and Magazines Billings




  • Exam Schedule
  • Final Marks Entry
  • Mark sheets Printing
  • Grade Sheets Printing
  • Marks Ledger




  • School Fees Payment
  • Bus Fees Payment By Students
  • Bus Fees Payment By Staff
  • Hostel Fees Payment
  • Fees Payment Attractive Receipts




  • Student Report
  • Employee Report
  • Books Reservations Report
  • Fees Due List Reports:-
  • School Fees
  • Bus Fees
  • Hostel Fees




  • Books Issue Report Students
  • Books Issue Report Staff
  • Books Fine Collection From Student
  • Books Fine Collection From Staff
  • Bus Fees Payment Report
  • Salary Report
  • Student Marks Report
  • Student Grade Report
  • Identity Cards of Students




  • Student List
  • Employee List
  • Hostellers List
  • Books List
  • Books Issue
  • Book Return List
  • Fees Due List For:-
  • School Fees
  • Bus Fees
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  • Hostel Fees
  • School Fees Payment List
  • Salary Payment Records
  • Hostel Fees Payment List
  • Bus Fees Payment List Student’s
  • Bus Fees Payment List Staff’s





  • Employee Advance Payment List
  • Employee Salary Payment List
  • Books Suppliers List
  • Books Reservations List of Staff
  • Books Issued List of Students
  • Books Issued List of Staff
  • Books Return List of Students
  • Books Return List of Staff
  • Subjects List
  • Exam Schedule List
  • Result List




  • Power Full User Rights Management System
  • SMS Feature is Available
  • Import Bulk Data From Excel
  • Email Feature
  • Logs maintain facility
  • Database Backup option
  • Database Recovery option
  • Change Password
  • Password Recovery






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