SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM

SalesGo SaaS - Business Sales CRM
SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM



 SalesGo SaaS is a business sales CRM tool, here to facilitate your complex sales activity. Never again miss a meeting, a quote or a client due to mismanagement. With SalesGo, give the best of yourself and take on your sales card.



SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM Features

  • The ease and feasibility bought in by an efficient dashboard layout cannot be undermined
  • You can manage multiple users by assigning roles and permissions to them
  • List and grid views to suit users of different needs
  • Easy management of different accounts of a firm
  • Manage numerous leads and opportunities through the Kanban board, allowing for easy changes



  • Easy management of quotes, sales orders, and invoices of different orders
  • Management of documents and campaigns relating to different aspects of sales
  • Available in multiple languages. It thereby facilitates global usability
  • Auto-generated and custom make reports for different sales activities