RocketWeb WebView App Source Code

RocketWeb WebView App Source Code
RocketWeb WebView App Source Code


RocketWeb WebView App Source Code Features:

√  Kotlin Language: This project is developed in Kotlin with the latest guidelines and material design from Google.
  √Web Engine: RocketWeb’s configurable WebView is built with the latest chrome web engine support.  The Chromium web engine will give you an optimal web browsing experience.
  √Theme support: To change the theme, you can select one of our existing themes with a gradient style color or a single style color.  You can also set the color code to match your brand.
√  Android Navigation Drawer: You can remove the sliding menu or you can configure it by your own choice (options and other details).
 √ Android Custom Toolbar – We provide a fully customizable toolbar.  Therefore, you can remove the toolbar to create a full-screen application.  Also, you can change the style of the toolbar from our style presets settings.
 √ Full-screen application: If your website has a toolbar for navigating your website, turn off the application toolbar and enjoy the native toolbar experience.
  √Left and Right Menu: You can remove the menu from the left or right toolbar or select the option you want.
 √ Local Website Host – You can run your local/offline website on the Android webview app.  Just save your website offline to the assets folder.
  √Custom Loader – We have an amazing library of app loaders.  So you can use the library when your website is loading.
  √Welcome screen: We have already made all the settings for the welcome screen.  Just put your transparent logo in our asset folder.
 √ No internet and error screen: When the app has no internet connection, it may display an error message on the app screen “no internet connection” or any kind of error message related to the problem.
 √ Smart Ads Solution – Make money with AdMob and you can also turn it off whenever you want.  Our designed advertisements will not disturb your customers too much.
  √Request Permission – Per Google guidelines, the RocketWeb webview app will request the required permission when required.
  √Media Support: RocketWeb supports video (Youtube, vimeo, HTML5 videos, etc.), audio (.mp3, .wav, etc.), all image formats, and animated images (.gif).
  √HTML5 Game: The rocketWeb application supports HTML5 games and you can play within the application.
√  File Upload / Download: RocketWeb will allow you to upload and download files.
 √ Download manager: Download any file with our download manager.
√  Push notification: push notification with Google cloud messaging, don’t worry, we also support One Signal.
√  JavaScript Support: RocketWeb supports all JavaScript dialogs.
  √JS Alert, Toast, Snack-bar – Message from your website with JavaScript alert, toast, and snack bar.