Ringtones Lite App Source Code

Ringtones Lite App Source Code
Ringtones Lite App Source Code

Ringtone Lite App Android App Features:

 √ Supports Android Studio and Material Design
√  Welcome screen
√  Songs and ringtones
√  Recommended pub slider
√  Play songs directly on the list
√  Total downloads of each ringtone
√  Download Ringtones to play them offline
√  Endless scrolling of the list
√  Share Ringtones on (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram …)
√  Set as ringtone options
√  Option to set the ringtone on the alarm, notification, call, message
√  Search ringtone by title, description keywords
 √ Add to favorite function (ringtone)
√  Pager view for ringtone with native ads and banner ads
√  Play ringtones in pager view
√  Notification of insertion of a signal
√  Send notification through admin panel
√  Integrated Admob banner, interstitial and native ads integrated
 √ Integrated Facebook Audience Network banner, interstitial and native ads integrated
√  Manage ad details from admin panel (choose type of ads you want to enable)
√  Supports large devices
√  Simple admin panel with latest material design
 √ You can also change the frequency in the interstitial ad to show after the number of clicks in the admin panel
√  Load more on scroll
√  Latest Notifications Page
√  Download page to find downloaded songs and ringtones
√  Privacy policy, contact pages

Ringtones Lite App Source Code Features:

√  Manage ringtones and songs
√  Manage slider
√  Manage notifications
√  Approve the ringtone sent by users
√  Multiple file upload function
√  Media player function
√  Manage notifications (send and delete notifications through admin panel)
√  Facebook Ads Settings, Admob Ads and One Signal, and more settings via admin panel…


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