pKANBAN – Personal Task Board

pKANBAN - Personal Task Board
pKANBAN – Personal Task Board




Are you freelance or just looking for a way to know how much time you spend on your tasks? Or maybe you just visually organize your work with kanbanb board logic?




What is a Kanban board?

Kanban boards are perceived as a variation of traditional kanban cards. Instead of cue cards representing demand or capacity, the board uses magnets, plastic chips, colored grommets, or sticky notes to represent work items.




Who uses a kanban task board?

Anyone can use a task board … Here are a few examples: Freelance, Developer, Smart Agency, Journalists, Bloggers, Sales Agents, Social Media Manager, Wives and Parents (you got it right).




Why is a kanban task board used?

Because it solves so many daily problems and organizes most of your life and work.