Pictish Trail – Melody Something Lyrics

Melody Something Lyrics By Pictish Trail

Returning to the loop, leave what’s to come behind
I can see your silver spark, from here to Singing Sands ahhhh
Keeping to your well-worn path, set it in the soil
Follow footsteps leading home, sing til evening’s gone

Season’s are fading, rearrange
I’m noticing every single change
Fall backwards, now summer’s out of time

Keeping to your route, do you recognise the signs?
Remembering that melody, repeating in your mind
“Would you go back? Could you turn back?”
You can bid your own farewell, return to summer sun
(it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone…)

Season’s recurring, rearrange
I’m noticing every single change,
Fast forward to summer, every time

Melody’s somewhere out of range
People are changing all the same
Telling me summer is all in the mind

Memory’s somewhere
Tell me its somewhere all in the mind
All in the mind, All in the mind
All in the mind.