Online Medical Store App Source Code

Online Medical Store App Source Code
Online Medical Store App Source Code




Healwire Android, it’s fully developed/optimized on the native Android platform, which gives the user the power to purchase their medication through a one-click process from their mobile application It incorporates the latest functions provided by Android Market.  With a minimal and simplistic UI material design, it adds more colors to the pharmaceutical business model.

  The store incorporates a user-friendly and visually pleasing design with responsive navigation, making it highly functional and accessible even to non-techies.
The entire order fulfillment and processing process is simple and seamless, increasing your conversions and giving you more of what you want from your mobile app




Online Medical Store App Source Code Features

If you are unsure of your prescription, simply upload the image or scanned copy of your prescription and the Pharmacy Manager will update your cart with your prescriptions.  Or, you can search for drugs by brand or brand name using the search bar and add it to your cart.

However, All relevant details about the drug, such as active ingredients, drug type, warnings, alternative drugs, and instructions for use, will be available prior to order Give the right medicine, in the right dose, to the right person, at the right time, and in the right way…