Nigerian comedienne Real Warri Pikin allegedly scam her fellow Nigerian

Nigerian comedienne Real Warri Pikin allegedly scam her fellow Nigerian


Nigerian comedienne Real Warri Pikin has been reported for allegedly scamming Nigerians

Nigerian comedian, dancer, and air personality  Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha who is acknowledged by her stage name Real Warri Pikin was reported that she allegedly defrauded the Nigerians of money along with the investment platform Benignant forte ltd and had a relationship with the CEO.

According to a prominent social media blogger, the comedian is suspected of having a romantic relationship with the CEO of the investment platform, noting that she bought him a car and sponsored his show with millions of naira in addition to other cash gifts. …

The blogger also reported that many Nigerians were deceived into fleeing the owner of the investment platform.

Regarding the problem on the ground, Real Warri Pikin comedian Warry Pikin posted a message on her Instagram page a few days ago apologizing to fans for the recent company update and urging people to be patient while the company works to get their money back, invested capital.

Real Warri Pikin wrote… Hi, Beautiful I want to urge all concerned about the ongoing situation with Benignant Forte Ltd to please remain calm. We are engaging the management Of the company to provide further and better information to us which we will share with you once we receive the same.

I totally understand your contacting me that I am a brand ambassador to the I will use my efforts to and provide a proper on this issue Area! Honestly, the last few days have been tough. I can only imagine how tough it has also been for all my Benignant family.

The news is that the light at the end Of the tunnel is Bright and have their capitals. My team and I are working closely with Benignant to ensure everyone gets their capital back. Benignant forte didn’t fold but has only halted investments so please be patient and I’ll you as we move on