Native Restaurant Food Delivery, Ordering System

Native Restaurant Food Delivery, Ordering System
Native Restaurant Food Delivery, Ordering System



This food order clone script is the world’s first clone of its kind and is ideal for any on-demand delivery business or food delivery apps like UberEats / Postmate / seamless or even for food ordering websites online.




Native Restaurant Food Delivery, Ordering System Features:

  • Register/Login with Facebook
  • RegisterLogin with Google
  • Register/Login with Email
  • Phone No Verification (Twillo)
  • Forgot Password



  • Show Nearby Restaurants
  • Featured Restaurants – Featured/promoted Restaurants will come first in the list
  • Search Restaurants
  • Filter Restaurant based on Specialty
  • Add Favorite Restaurant




Native Restaurant Food Delivery, Ordering System Profile includes

    • Restaurant Name
    • Restaurant Slogan
    • Restaurant Description
    • Restaurant Image
    • Restaurant food delivery price based on user’ location




    • Restaurant Cooking time
    • Restaurant Delivery Time
    • Restaurant Ratings
    • Restaurant Menu with prices
    • Opening and Closing Time
    • Cash On delivery
    • Debit/Credit Card (Stripe)




    • Add to cart
    • Select or add a new delivery address
    • Choose Payment Method
    • Delivery / Pickup
    • Promo code
    • Discount
    • Tax
    • Rider tip
    • Free delivery if order met the desired price




When user registers

New Order Placed

Order is in processing

Order has been accepted and the Restaurant is processing it

Rider is on the way to a restaurant for pickup

Rider has picked up the food

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Rider is on the way to customer

Rider has delivered the food



    • Edit restaurant
    • Promote Restaurant
    • Block Restaurant
    • Manage menu item
    • Able to see all users
    • Edit and change the password of the user
    • Search users





    • Manage Orders
    • See order-by the filter of status
    • Track order status
    • Assign order to rider
    • See order details
    • Add riders
    • See rider details
    • Verify Rider Documents
    • Block Rider





    • Rider Order Status
    • Manage app Sliders
    • See multiple cities tax information
    • Able to add tax information
    • Able to edit tax information
    • Able to Delete tax information





    • Manage currency information
    • Able to add currency information
    • Able to edit currency information
    • Able to Delete currency information