Modern Studies – Wild Ocean Lyrics

Wild Ocean Lyrics By Modern Studies

A hollow home scar, a bundle of stars,
A seismograph heart/ in telluric tense,
We sound our own depths/ go back to the start//
And in the waking golden hour/ in the fading arrow shower/
Where the snow fell like ash/ grit and graft care and craft/
Thoughts slowed and simmered dim/ mirrored limbs speckled skin/

Keeps turning, time keeps turning//
Like something turned in flight/ the new beech,
The old night/ in the colours of the cut knot/
False starts, blood stops/ in the steps unstitched from stair,

Echoes call in the wet air/ keeps turning all keeps turning//
A hollow home scar, etc.// and in the glitter of the green/
And in the signal of the stream/ in the set square of the sun/
And the slowed attention/ and the body keeps a score/
The ocean an open door/ keeps turning, time keeps turning//
Piled stories, broken stones, the afterglow of upturned bones/
In the body weathering/ twin eyes shimmering/
Love unheard is not lost/ it’s a ripple, it’s a cross/
Keeps turning, all keeps turning// hold on to this wild ocean/
Let the world inside/ we fall into wild country/
Let the world inside