MasterStudy Flutter iOS & Android Education App Source Code

MasterStudy Flutter iOS & Android Education App Source Code
MasterStudy Flutter iOS & Android Education App Source Code
MasterStudy Mobile App is an awesome earning app developed to meet the needs of digital education The application is compatible with the Android and iOS systems with the MasterStudy mobile learning app, students can take courses and lessons straight from their smartphones without going to lectures.
 Whether they have an Android device or an iPhone, the app fits perfectly on smaller screens, so it’s expected that students can still easily access any type of content and get a high-quality user experience.

MasterStudy Flutter iOS & Android Education App Source Code Features:

The learning app fully syncs with your LMS website and seamlessly delivers the content you post to your platform.
Course Taking: Students can take any course and lesson they want without interrupting the learning process and enjoying the smooth flow of content.
Various Types of Lessons – The app easily displays all kinds of lessons, be it text, video, live stream, or slides.  Users can play all video and audio materials directly in the application without the need to use other programs.
Quizzes and Tests – Set up quizzes and assignment tasks with different types of questions, exercises that students can pass on the go.
Synced Content – Update course content from your WordPress website and all changes will be instantly applied to all students’ devices.  You don’t need to create the content from scratch, link your app to the website, and take a single action for both platforms.
User-friendly interface – The learning app aims to provide the best possible user experience.  The simple and intuitive interface makes it very easy to navigate the application, accessing each element comfortably.
Multiple home page layouts – Depending on the nature of your application, choose what type of home page layout you want to configure.  Select the clear list of courses or show different categories, popular and featured courses.
Account Pages: After registering, students will access their personal account pages where they can find everything related to their performance on the app.
Course List Page: Students can apply filters and search for the courses they want to get the best result.
Personalization – Your training app can be easily customized to reflect your brand identity.  You can change the colors, fonts, and branding of your app with simple customization tools to give you a complete view.
Android Payments and Memberships – Enable online payments, allow the one-time purchase, and create membership plans, students can access directly from the app.
Accessibility: The software is optimized for devices based on the iOS and Android systems, including different types of smartphones for an exceptional user experience.
We are experiencing a much higher number of tickets than usual, so our wait times are longer than expected.  We are working hard to get back to you as quickly as possible and we really appreciate your patience.
Progress Tracking – Mobile training apps can help students keep track of their studies through automatic updates and the means to check assignments and their own progress.
 Increased motivation: The younger generation is more motivated to learn using their favorite iPhones and other mobile devices as it makes learning more interactive and engaging.
Session control – Students can have more control over learning sessions, especially when they can access the course at any time and check for updates.
Flexibility – With e-learning applications, users gain flexibility by eliminating the need for learning activities to be performed at a specific time.  By accessing materials when they want, people review content with more pleasure.



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