Lumise, Product Designer For PHP Standalone

Lumise, Product Designer For PHP Standalone
Lumise, Product Designer For PHP Standalone





Lumise is a professional product design tool, built with HTML5 + JavaScript technologies. It is a product of King-Theme an Elite Author on Envato. Lumise is designed to focus on user experience


And provide an all-in-one innovative solution for your print service store. Furthermore, it has many powerful exclusive features and a friendly interface to help its users easily design any idea.





Lumise, Product Designer For PHP Standalone Features!

Lumise works as an application, friendly to use. Before we are providers of themes, so we know what is best for customers. Let’s rock with Lumise!
Pre-designed design templates
Create impressive design templates to suit any type of product, set a price for that, and users will be able to use it with just one click.


Unlimited Stocks of Cliparts
Are you worried about the resource of clipart? Let us handle that for you, you can do other things you love. There is more than 2+ resource clip art for your clients to use: Pixabay and Openclipart with over 120k + articles. Incredible actions!
Export / Import Designs




Your clients can export the design and import it from another device to continue working or pay. You can export the design to create a new template, or even save it in personal data. It really is flexible!


Multiple languages
Lumise supports language switching. All languages ​​were controlled and automatically translated from the admin panel, and you can put your translated text there.
Compatible with mobile devices and tablets
Lumise can run on mobile devices and tablets as a real native application, which is popular with customers. Your website can get the order from any device.

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Ready-to-print design after payment
Lumise supports multiple outputs for printing such as PDF, SVG, JSON, PNG … All of them are rendered with high quality and compatibility with all printing devices.
Social media
Your client can now get images from their social accounts. We support Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Special trolley to work with any system
Lumise provides a separate cart system, where you can add an item and edit it, then your cms will take care of other steps at checkout.
Undo Redo
Working on an application seems like an application on the desktop is the perfect point to attract your customers. With Lumise you can redo/undo all the action once you have designed.


Text effect
Making the text more curved, fisheye effect, oblique, convex-concave are one of the many things you can do with the text.
Filter effects
Lumise Filter is a versatile tool for making local adjustments to your photos. Filters are named after a type of filter used to darken the skies in landscape photography, but their uses go much further.




Cropped / Editable Photos
Whatever your object, Lumise has many methods to further customize them. Crop images, highlight objects using color filters, effects or even remove the background.
Mask layers
Do your clients want to see the text? No problem, The Mask Layers helps you get there. It is amazing to have this feature!



QR code
Customizing the design with a QR code is not a bad idea. Your customer friend easily receives your message with a small phone support QR code scanner.
Automatic adjustment
When you move a shape or layers, it will snap or snap to the nearest line intersection at the center points, even if the grid is not visible, or snap to other images or layers.

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Flexible editing area
Lumise helps you select the editing area easily through mouse actions. You can also set the radius of the area.
Supports various types of products
Whatever your product, only have one place to print, then Lumise can apply the print area for that product. Phone cases, sticks, mugs, posters… Lumise can handle them all.



Final print calculation
Pricing based on text, color, or clipart. There are more popular calculations for printing services; so are we all. It is easy for you to configure them.
Set pre-template for the product
To sell quickly, you can create a template and assign it to a product. Your users just need to select other values ​​for the attributes and then buy the product.