Ludo Fantasy – Real Money Ludo Tournament App

Ludo Fantasy - Real Money Ludo Tournament App
Ludo Fantasy – Real Money Ludo Tournament App



Ludo Fantasy – Real Money Ludo Tournament App is developed to organize a ludo tournament in a smart and effective way to manage and win real money.



By using this app you can manage table game tournaments like ludo, carrom, snake and ladder, chess, billiards, and many more. Multiple payment gateways are integrated to facilitate payment to users.



Instant withdrawal in the different wallets, whatever the user chooses Completely secure application with multiple income modalities such as referral system, win through the tournament.


Ludo Fantasy – Real Money Ludo Tournament App Features

Attractive and Powerful Admin Panel
2. Well Designed Dashboard
3. Manage tournament – Add/Update
4. Match stage filter
5. Match summary
6. Live chat history
7. Manage User (Block/Unblock)



9. Refer History
10. Transaction List
11. Withdraw List
12. FCM Notification
13. Push notification when participant submitted result
14. Maintenance mode and Force update
15. Change payment gateway ids/keys dynamically

1. Sign in and signup thought manually as well as social media
2. Forgot password thought registered phone number
3. Attractive home and setting page
4. Update user profile and password
5. Add and Redeem wallet balance



6. Referral system with a leader board
7. View transaction and statistical summary
8. In-App chat with participants
9. Easy to join a match and submit the result
10. Real-time notification update when participant join or start a conversation

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1. Admin Panel Source Code
2. User App Source Code (Android)
3. Well Documentation (For Installation)

1. PHP >= 7.3.X
2. OpenSSL PHP Extension
3. PDO PHP Extension
4. Mbstring PHP Extension
5. XML PHP Extension
6. VPS is better