Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 8)

Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 8)


I sat in my large study behind my desk with piled books before me and a pen which I unknowingly bit tip…

A light tap comes on the door and I looked up sharply.

“Come in” I yelled and my personal investigator Coloniel walked in and took his seat.

“Any good information?” I asked, looking at him through my spectacles and he smiles slyly, shaking his head.

“The cops have no information about the girl, no one has come to claim the bounty and the secret agents reported that they’ve checked her favorite spots but she’s clear of them” he explains as he tapped his fingers on my desk..

“So…?” I asked, expecting more explanation.

“You know I think you should just let it pass…Red is fine, his wounds are beginning to heal…no need turning everywhere up – side down just for a fierce teenager.”

“My son wants a revenge…and I wanna show that crap of a girl that wherever she borrowed her pride and courage from should better be returned…I can take anything else from anybody but not touching my son..” I seethe removing my spectacles.

“Oh come on Raul, Red is a full grown man…a man in his late thirties should be able to defend himself…you’d be causing more embarrassment to him if you’re fighting for him all the time.”

“I don’t care about any fucking embarrassment Coloniel…Red is all I’ve got after his mom departed…I won’t let anyone mess with him and go scot free…I’d make that girl suffer and cry once I find her…she’ll crawl on her knees begging until they become sore..!!” I say coldly and Coloniel just shrugged

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“Look I don’t know how you plan on convincing me Hannah but I’m so not going to any place terrible, instead I leave so you could have peace…” I murmur as I take the cloth and bowl of water from Rully, helping myself.

“Actually, I’m not only interested in keeping you safe but also interested in changing you” she says with so much seriousness and I laugh loudly..

“Change me??, look most people have tried that but it never works so don’t even think of stressing yourself out” She crossed her arms to her back, looking at me coldly then in a flash she smiles widely….she’s kinda acting strange.

“I was just kidding you” she ruffles my hair…

“No pilgrimage?” I asked blinking.

“No there is…but all you need will be provided there” still smiling, she walks out.

“Pilgrimages are not always bad…” Rully butts in sitting on her bed. “Actually anyone who gets the privilege to tag along in a pilgrimage is considered lucky, it’s always fun too” she says as she leans her head on the wall slowly.

“Are you coming along?”

“Nope, I’ve not gotten to that stage yet” she says sadly..

“Then why the hell am I going? I just arrived here yesterday”

“Maybe it is as the Abbess says…she wants you to change”

“Then I can never change” I mumble as I drop the bowl and cloth and lay back on the bed…I could see that Rully was really very sad..seemed like she wanted to go for the pilgrimage, I stare at her and she had an unreadable expression…

“Would you want to come with me?” I ask softly which seemed to surprise her because she turned to look at me.

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“If only I can”

“What if I say you should follow me?”

“That’s not gonna work out, the pilgrimage is tomorrow and I haven’t been cleansed”.

“Then have I been cleansed?” I ask and she chuckles…

“Are you a Nun?”

“If you want to go you can tell me so I’ll help you out” I say as I wrap my arm round my leg…

Minutes passed before we heard the sound a of bell and Rully panics.

“Come on Virginia, we need to prepare, this is a warning bell” she rasped as she attempts pulling me but i resisted and got up on my own.

Within few minutes we were done bathing and we hurried downstairs for morning prayers.

The rest of the day continued as usual…Prayers, services, singing, work at the field and church tidying…its just very stressful and at same time boring.

The moment the clock struck few minutes past 3:00 pm I found myself in the large hall where Hannah had taken me to on my first day, it was filled with Nuns who ran up and down packing things inside several bags while Hannah stood to supervised them.

I shuffled close to Hannah and tugged lightly on her dress and she responded by turning to me.
“What is it?” She asked sternly
“I’d like Rully to come with us to the pilgrimage” I answer simply.

“And why should that be?” She crosses her arm over her chest.

“Well…let’s just say without Rully I’m going no where” I cross my arms too and she stares at me for a while and smiles.

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“Well it’s okay, tell her to come pack the things she’ll need then” she says and returned her gaze to the workers.

Before night fall we were done with all the packing and everyone went to rest…

Very early next morning we all woke and prepared for our journey and in a few minutes we were already lining into the bus.

I took one look at Hannah who just stared smiling…. weird, this woman had smiles all over her since yesterday, maybe she’s just happy, but It seemed unusual.

“I know you disgust her and i guess you’re happy now because you may never see her again” one of the Nuns whispered to me before entering the bus and I stared at her stunned..what does she mean by that?.

Anyway, I got into the bus myself and Rully sat next to me, grinning from ear to ear.

The bus took us to an airport and we all got into a plane, it was a long flight before the plane finally landed on another airport and our leader led us to an helicopter.

Rully stopped on sighting were we headed.

“A plane…. and helicopter…am I the only one smelling something fishy here?, The Abbey do not have any of this neither can they afford to hire one” she whispered in my ear, I thought about It for a while but then I grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the Helicopter.