Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 6)

Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 6)

Virginia pleaded with the so-called leader of the gang but he paid deaf ears to her pleas, instead, he ordered one of his men to carry her on his shoulder…

Virginia smirked…this was what she actually wanted anyway…to do things that she’s used to doing and these guys just made it easy for her.

Just as the guy carrying her was about to make a step for the exit door, she kneed to hit him hard on his tummy and he shrieked falling off, Virginia falls with him, she tried getting up but two men rushed her and one twisted her arms to her back, pulling her up while one began to treat her brutally…punching her face like a punching bag until Virginia had enough and plunged the back of her head on the nose of the man holding her.

The latter staggered back and Virginia threw her right leg to the one who punched her, targeting his balls, but he caught her leg and pulled it, she slid to the floor smacking her nose on the board and blood gushed out…

Before she could recover, The leader rushed to her and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling at it and yanking her into the body of another man who kneed on her butt and she bounced on the third man.

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As the third man pushed her away to the fourth, she landed a blow on the Forth’s eye and the latter fell, rolling on the floor with his palm covering his eye and Virginia chuckled, staggering back…

The leader charged at her but she swiftly grabbed his head and spun him around, rushing him to a wall and clashing his head on it, he groaned in pain, sliding down to the floor.

The other men stood and watched as she ambled slowly to them smirking and one drew a knife from his pants.

“Seriously….you think that baby stuff can scare me?” She asked still drawing closer to them in unsteady steps.

“Don’t come any further or I’ll drive this knife right through your throat” he threatened as he stepped backward and Virginia laughed loudly.

“ sweet, I feel a tingling sweet sensation in my ear now..come on say more so I can have the pleasure of hearing you rant your threats,” she says and the man with the knife visibly shuddered. The five other men retreated after, scampering over tables and fleeing the scene.

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In a flash, Virginia jumped like an athlete and lands her feet forcefully on the shoulders of the man with the knife, knocking the steel stuff away from his hand.

The man held his shoulder, yelling in pain while Virginia still felt the thirst to inflict more pain but before she could continue…A hand grabbed at her hair pulling her away from the clubhouse toward the Abbey and the man thanked his stars.

In all this….Mr. Strange just sat where Virginia had left him, watching like a kid who was just gotten a new cartoon series.

“Ouch! That hurts…let me go, you old woman!” I shrieked and yelled as Hannah pulled me into the Abbey and when we got to the hallway she stopped and yanked me away.

“What do you think you’re doing huh, Tarnishing the Nun’s image, what?” She yells as I rubbed on my bruised face.

“I was just defending myself”

“Oh well yes that’s true, then why were you there? And you stench of alcohol even, you visibly got drunk to stupor in the eyes of the mass, may the creator save your soul” she says and I heard a chanting version of her last sentence behind me, I turned around to see a whole lot of Nuns crossing their shoulders.
I scratched my head…

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“Well…this is me, I can’t change it”

“What if the cops were notified and came for you? You know there’ll be no hiding place for you anymore”

“Well, thanks to the nanny dress” I replied grinning as I held the tip of the dress with my fingertips…

“You’ve just obstructed our morning prayers with your recklessness, now go to your room and clean up. Rully, get her a neat robe to put on so we can start morning prayers”. Hannah ordered and I smiled widely, as I was about to follow Rully, I took notice of few men who had walked into the hall through the open doors and they were all putting on….wait a minute!! The cops??….