Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 3)

Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 3)

“My Lord…The Witch Hunter is here” A Young and extremely handsome man on a red and black robe Kneeling on one knee addressed a creature that even words couldn’t explain properly.

This man sat on a high throne following few steps underneath it…He’s Young and mature…his face couldn’t be seen properly because he is covered in the shadows of his own darkness but surely…He’s a lot of beauty..

His Long Silky dark wavy hair fell below his shoulders Shadowing his Face….

He didn’t say a word as the Man below him trembled and feared for the dark Aura which was round him could kill someone who couldn’t withstand it.. He just grunted deeply and it echoed in the large room before nodding his head once..

The man under him understood his grunt…though he didn’t look up at him but he knew the His Lord had accepted so he stood up, bowed and quickly scurried out of the Room.

It didn’t take long before another young man, also looking mature is his early thirties casually walked in and positioned himself on one knee also (kneeling down but taking one knee up in a 90 degree while the other touched the floor).

The man bowed his head to the ground as he spoke..

“My Lord…I discovered a Witch today…but I brought three Witches for the master” The Man spoke and the fearful Lord on the throne grunts again.

“Bring the Witches” The man spoke simply and his voice didn’t really match with his terrific existence, one would expect that his voice would be grumpy and full of darkness but instead it had a very calm and soft tone l, it didn’t go with the deep grunts which he made..

Though his voice was calm and soft…it didn’t loose it’s power, the voice had an embodiment of Authority in it..

The Witch Hunter stood on his feet, bowed and left for a while to return with three women…One was an old woman but not too old though..The other two were just young and growing women…they looked terrified that they slumped immediately they entered the room…they became weak instantly from the very dark aura of this man.

Who was he Anyway?

They’ve always heard that the Palace was a terrific Place to go to…even the old lady understood why her mother had warned her never to step foot in the palace and this was her first time in all her years, what made it worse was the fact that they knew they were been ruled by Demons.

The Lord on the throne closed his eyes and remained that way for a long time before pursing his lips and creasing his brows like someone who’s in pain and he truly was…The Witch hunter knew that he was communicating with the Master but nobody knew how painful it was for him to do that….his power was no way compared to the Master’s which made talking with their minds a bit difficult.

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The man snapped out when he was done, he stood and walked down the stairs elegantly and the view of his face was heavenly and stunning to look at.

He slowly walked up to the women sprawled on the floor.

The old lady he felt; is an old Witch who had been practicing witchery for long and has been experienced so he knew she wouldn’t give in willingly until she was broken, one of the young ladies was also experienced but he saw that she was ready to give up her power just to save her life but little did she know that giving out her power was dying…he smirked.

The last woman was filled with fear and terror and she shivered continuously on the floor but he realized she never really know that she was a witch and was just dumb…

“Take the Woman to the torture room but bring this ladies to the Master’s forest” The Lord said and the Witch hunter turned to leave but then…

“Craig you said you discovered a Witch” The Lord asked…he didn’t know why but he felt the need to ask.

“I did my lord, but in a very far place…she’s very rough and tough my lord”

“Bring her to…” the Lord said and Craig, The Witch hunter bowed and left with the ladies.

I was lost for words to be able to get Mom’s point right now. “Mum you know how well I despised that creature….and now you wanna sell me off to them?”

“No no! I’m not selling you off to anyone darling..” She said as she came to stand right before me and placed her palms on my shoulder. “It’s just for your safety you know…you’re in the search box everywhere and the Abbey is the last place anyone would think you could be” she explained.

“Oh.. They won’t even accept me” I said gladly, wiping a strand of tear that had slipped down my cheek.

“I spoke with the Abbess Honey, they’re already on their way here”

And here i was thinking I was relieved, how could Mom do this to me? Was this a form of punishment?

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“Gosh Mum, you couldn’t even wait for me to get out of your sight huh?” I asked flaring up feeling so hurt, Mum is just acting unbelievable. “You couldn’t even give me time to get myself lots of drinks and packs of Cigarette” I added and she frowned

“Those things are not allowed there”

“Okay…I guess I’m gonna die there before the fraternity finds me anyway” I said looking away and she cupped my cheek.

“Honey you should try blend with them, rest assured that you’ll love it there and please try keeping out of trouble”

“Those are a huge impossibility mum” I muttered and she smiled.

“You should listen to Mother, Virginia” Yvonne suddenly butted in behind me. “Murdering a cop is a very huge crime and right now… not only the fraternity seeks for you…The Country’s security force is also looking for you which means that wherever you go…you’ll surely be found” She said as she showed me her cell phone, people shared my photos is all social media with ‘wanted’ inscribed on it..

“Woah, I didn’t really see this coming…I’m popular” I say happily as Mom and Yvonne stared at me speechless but then we heard a horn outside the gates and Yvonne rushed out, she later came back with the news that the Abbey’s bus was here already, and added that the Nuns explained that they were coming back from a convent when the Abbess called them to drop by here.

Mom instantly began pushing me, “Mum I need to Shop for new cloths” I protested as I reached out For my phone and slipped it into my pocket.

“Don’t worry dear…you’ll be given what to wear”
“Hope it’s something I’ll like?”
“Yeah you’ll really love it, now get going” Satisfied, I turned around to leave but she pulled me back and hugged me…I could feel her shaking, guess she was crying.

I patted her hair and pulled away and Yvonne hugged me too but I didn’t even seem any emotional as they cried…they were the ones pushing me away after all.

I looked at them one last time before leaving through the door, I could feel them trailing behind.

I go to the white luxurious bus but I couldn’t see who were inside as there were curtains shielding the window…

I opened the bus, staring at my feet to make sure I got on the bus properly which I did and raised my head only to stumble back…Holy shit!!.

Many cold pair of eyes stared at me inside the bus with scrutiny and I could see why. These were both girls and women with white Robes and white head cover or whatever while I on the contrary wore a pair of ash dusty pants and yellow Micky mouse printed top…crazy how I look the complete opposite of them.

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I found a seat, ignoring their stares as I made myself comfortable..

The ride so very bored but then finally we arrived at the Abbey, i waited for all of them to get down the bus before trailing behind.

At the site, the Temple stood opposite the large Gates and there were several houses everywhere… It’s just so big and unbelievable, I stared around as I followed them into the temple where a woman, pretty old woman I guess, stood by the entrance to welcome every one…she paused with a frown on seeing me but then smiles.

“Aha! This must be our Newbie” she exclaimed “you’re welcome sister”

“Thanks ma’am” she turned to the Nuns and gave them certain orders and they all scurried off…

“Come with me” she ordered me and I followed her, she’s also clad in a white robe and white hair cover but hers looked different.

We reached a large door and she turned to look at me sternly.

“I’m sure that you’ve been well educated on how this place works?” She asked and I nod, even if it wasn’t quite true .

“Good, first thing we have to do is give you a change of clothes” she said and opened the door and the interior was actually a hall, with things that I couldn’t even recognize, there were artistic images of The Lord Jesus Christ and all other important bible characters every where, large fitted ward robes, shelves, drawers and someone played a Symphony at the farther end of the large hall.

I snapped back to reality as I remembered the thoughts of changing, I loved the idea….. At least I’ll get out of this dirty and stenching clothes.

The old Lady left to another end of the hall and I saw her opening a wardrobe before looking away, still in my state I felt something drop on my shoulder and I picked it as the old lady walked past me to a drawer, maybe was still searching for a dress which would fit me,,,,,I thought as I looked at the white Nun robe in my hand…

Suddenly she was leaving.
“Uhm_Ma’am, I thought you were giving me a change of clothes?” I asked and she narrowed her eyes..

“That’s it” she pointed at the robe in my hand.

“This?” I asked wide-eyed “I’d be dressing like a Nun?” I asked again and she shrugged.