Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 1)

(Chapter 1 Lucifer’s Adversary)

Virginia Bert
“Virginia where on earth are you going?” Yvonne yelled as she trailed behind me, Well it doesn’t seem like I’m going anywhere” I replied nonchalantly stamping my feet across the floorboard.

“Oh Wow!..guess what Virginia? if you’re gonna leave this house then you better go in your fucking room and change into proper clothing and make sure it’s a reasonable surrounding you’re headed”

“I ain’t going anywhere, shit! can’t one go for a stroll?” I cursed placing my right palm on my forehead, she’s getting me pissed. Sheesh!!

“You should at least change into something proper” She argued again..this young lady doesn’t get tired of this at all.

“This is proper Yvonne, it is very proper because I see nothing wrong with putting on a pair of pants and a shirt” I protested pointing at myself.

“Oh yeah, a pair of unattractive pants you mean?”

“Suck yourself girl” I cursed turning around to leave…I knew she was staring coldly at me from behind but I cared less.

I stopped to sit on the balcony while she still stood there watching as I dipped out a pack of cigarettes from my pocket, slipped out a stick, and lighted it.

I placed it between my lips, inhaled it, and puffed out smoke…by the time I was done I stared back at the sitting room and she was gone. Jerk!

Taking a Bandana from my butt pocket, I tied it around my short dim brown hair and I left the building heading for the gates while still inhaling my cigarette.


Virginia is an 18 years old girl with fewer dreams and fewer plans for her life, pretty but dresses unattractive, Very intelligent but a drop out of school as she preferred the free and rowdy lifestyle which her Mom and elder sister were strongly against since they were Christians.

But Virginia cared less anyway and she loved staying in the company of boys. Bad boys, loved picking fights and always on the checklist of the cops even though her Mom is a city billionaire.

Presently, she’s walking into a Tavern…a very noisy one.
She stopped halfway into the hall, slipped out another stick of cigarette from its pack, and placed it between her lip before walking into the Hall puffing out smoke.

Immediately she stepped into Tavern the noises died down as mouths and hands began to hail and cheer her, she smiled and walked to a group of bare-bodied Fat men with huge chests and heavy abs, she gave them a knuckle each as they continuously cheered her.

Sitting herself down, she ordered a drink and it was immediately delivered to her for fear of being bullied by her.

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Looking at this young slender girl sitting beside a tavern table with a mug wrapped in her pretty slender fingers, one would think she was a Goddess with her Killer shape which often drove men insane, her skin glowing like diamond and her shoulder-length, dim, silk, shining brown hair with two stripes of pink-tinted by the sides curving her face into a beautiful oval shape.

She had a dimple when she smiled and showed her set of well-lined white teeth with a gap at the middle of her two front teeth, her eyes are that of a puppy with long eyelashes which makes her cuter, matching her pointed narrow nose and love shaped juicy pink lips.

The men in the tavern had always had a lust for her but immediately retreated from the day she had beaten one who tried forcing her into an improper act…though the men had gathered to break her, she defeated them all without a single sweat and from then she was respected and feared.

Still seated beside the table as she brought the mug to her lips and drank, she placed the cigarette between her lips once again and looked around with a smirk.
The guys watched her with excitement and those who were meeting her for the first time…surprised.

A young man in his middle thirties guess he was still seeing her for the first time because he walked toward her table and seated opposite her.

“Hey, beautiful” The Man greeted settling down properly before her.
“Ho Handsome” she replied, even if he wasn’t handsome enough to her taste.

“I’ve watched you from where I was and I saw how popular you are here but come to think of it…this Tavern is only for billionaires so I’m wondering what you’ll be doing here?” He asked looking at her intently with lust…

Girls began whistling and winking at her, they probably found this young man attractive and is thinking how lucky she is…do they even know what this young duck is blabbering here?

When she didn’t reply to him, he stared at her shortly and continued.

“I have an offer for you, for long now I’ve been searching for a suitable girl with life and power to satisfy me in bed…I’m sure you know what I mean, I’m very hard to please a guy and ladies had tried but they all failed, but….” He licked his lip and Virginia looked up at him “I can see you have all the things I need for satisfaction…I’ll pay you a huge sum of money for each round just name the price” He finished but something was strange, The girl wasn’t looking at him instead she was looking behind him.

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He tilted his head and followed her gaze to a pair making out at a corner, The man at the corner seemed to enjoy himself and it looked like it’s his first time coming there as the lady who was an expert in what she did, gave him pleasure.

The man in his thirties turned back to her and waved his hand to her face.

“Hello..can you at least say something, your name? What you think, it’s not right to ignore someone, you know?”

Virginia turned back to him and chuckled “Oh hi…you were the one who started blabbering without introducing yourself besides considering your offer…. I rather watch than act” she rasped and with this, she got up and walked toward the pair with a sinister idea.

The young man in his thirties smirked as the girl walked past him, she walked up to the pair and seated beside them as they moaned and swam in pleasure.

She cleared her throat but they continued, acting like she was completely invincible until she smacked the girl’s buttock and they slowly stopped, taking a look at her and she smiled.

“Hi,” she said nicely.

“Who are you?” The Man who seemed to be a newcomer there asked rudely and Virginia narrowed her eyes.

“I’m just a girl who enjoys watching you,” she said calmly resuming her smile. “But…I wanted to just give you some piece of advice, since I want to watch you guys, it would be nice if you get yourself a room”

“How the hell is that your business?” The strange man snapped, lifting the lady who straddled him and stood up…Looking at his physique he seemed to be a man of strength and power and probably a regular friend of the gym….he walked to her intimidatingly and as he got close to her, he looked down at the small figure before him and bent his head to her face…he breathed out noisily on her face as intimidation and she closed her eyes.

“Could you repeat yourself?”

“Well I said two adults shouldn’t be doing this in a public place and find themself a room, it looks rather….shameful”

“How can a little fucking bitch tell me shit, do you know who I am?” He asked.

“Young man…there’s no need for all the swearing, just pay for the fucking room if you’re what you are or…are you short of income?, I can lend you some money, I think I have some cash here” She blinked as she talked while dipping her fingers into her butt pocket.

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“You say what!!?” The huge man flared up and Virginia looked at him like she was scared.

“Oh yea I said you’re loss of income, what are you gonna do, what? Beat me up?…cool” she said sarcastically and the man fists his palm and threw his left fist at her face but she caught it with her left hand at the same time and kneed his balls with her right knee., the man yelped and Placed his hand on his under as he charged immediately and made to lift her up but instead she somersaults to his behind, hits him with her feet on his back and he fell flat to his face.

The Man who doesn’t wanna be beaten by a brat in a public place with all his fame got on his feet and roared, lifting his two heavy and sweaty arms while Virginia just stood resting her weight on one leg and lighting a stick of cigarette.

The roaring man charged at her while she just stood in her place, smoking, he grabbed her arm and tried flinging her but she puffed the Cigar smoke on his face using her free fisted hand to punch his nose directly and his hold on her weakened, she dragged him by his head and clashed it on a wall, she lets him go and with a swift movement she somersaults and lands her feet on his chest which flew him across the room, landing his heavyweight on the bar, it falls and drinks and glasses chattered on the floor, the sharp pieces must have cut him on the face because his head was now covered in blood.

The Audience who has watched in anticipation began to cheer as the girl walked over to the man, wiped her palm with tissue paper, wrapped it, and threw it at him.

“I’ll pay,” she told the bartender who seemed to brood silently over the lost drinks and glasses before elegantly stepping out.
The guy in his thirties who had watched the whole scene joyfully instantly growled when it ended and as the girl walked out, he stared at her with a smirk, he then raised a brow and shrugged.
“Not bad”