Kyle Premium Video Chat + Dating App Source Code

Kyle Premium Video Chat + Dating App Source Code
Kyle Premium Video Chat + Dating App Source Code


Kyle Premium Video Chat + Dating App Source Code automatically organizes the suggested friends as gender and interests and likes, so it suggests the right person first, which means a higher match rate and more users for the app.

Kyle Premium Video Chat + Dating App Source Code Features

  • Random video :
    all  search stuff is working on the server, then it’s sent to the user a random person among all available people
  • 3D Filters/Effects :
    It is not only a random video chat! , There are many interesting and fun features like faces, filters, effects, send likes, chat and more. This will ensure that users will not leave the application for a long time and will earn more profits



  • Admob :
    We have implemented Ads on Navigate between random users, in a way that does not alienate your customers It is attractive and elegant, and you can also remove it by purchasing the VIP membership
  • Earn Gems :
    Users can earn gems by Referrer, watching ads, share the app, rate the app



  • Messenger System :
    Users who became friends By searching, matching, or random will have an Integrated chat system ( Send text, pictures, voice messages) and They are also will be able to make voice or video calls Between each other and Change conversation color



  • Social login :
    Creating an account will take just a few seconds by Facebook and google sign-in
  • Google translation :
    If the friends are from different countries or languages there is an auto-translate switch, Which will make different languages problem from the past, It will make users in your app able to create friends across the world



  • Built-in notifications :
    All application notifications appear in the upper bar, which saves time instate of leaving the app to reading the notify
  • Anti-cheat System :
    If a user tries to cheat or buy jewels through the root tool “lucky patcher” his account will be suspended automatically




  • Push notifications :
    Admin can send notifications to one or all users through the admin panel
  • Full Control Admin panel :
    allows you to manage the whole app, users & reports & statistics & analytics, and more (The features are detailed below)
  • Google Payments