Junior H – Biography

Biography Of Junior H

Junior H is one of the leaders from the 21st-century corridos tumbados (aka “trap corridos”) movement and he is regularly featured on the biggest playlists from the genre United States Viral 50, Exitos USA, Mexico Viral 50, Corridos Perrone’s, and many more. He is a distinguished singer-songwriter with a unique hypnotic flow to his vocals and an excellent sense of musical timing.

Junior H is known for hit songs like Mente Positiva , Disfruto Lo Malo , Ella , and No Eh Cambiado . His newest album release from 2020 Atrapado en un Sueño is on the top of the general Latin charts across all genres. He is constantly writing new material and working diligently crafting his music in the studio. Stay tuned for a lot more to come from Junior H.

When he was in high school, 17-year-old corrido singer-songwriter Junior H self-recorded his demo album, Mi Vida En Un Cigarro, No Eh Cambiado,” his 2019 viral music video, was viewed 2 million times in its first two months and more than 12 million times within its first year online.

His breakthrough came with his four-song appearance on Natanael Cano’s 2019 LP, Corridos Tumbados, one of the pioneering albums of the urban corridos genre.
Featuring his songs about ambition, relationships, and street life, 2020’s Atrapado En Un Sueño was a Top 5 EP on the strength of the hit singles “Mente Positiva” and “Si Mañana.”
Cruising with Junior H earned the singer his first Billboard No. 1 hit, topping the Regional Mexican Albums chart in late 2020.