Joey Trap – Funeral Lyrics

Joey Trap – Funeral Lyrics
Joey Trap – Funeral Lyrics


Funeral Lyrics By Joey Trap

Yo Skinny, you wildin’, n****
F*ck, f*ck talkin’ ’bout a
Ahh, f*ck talkin’ ’bout a
F*ck talkin’ ’bout a bag, lil’ n****, go and chase that
Automatic spray caps, we takin’ off them face tats
Run inside your crib, dumb n****, get your place back

All about that “business” you talkin’ but, it ain’t racks, it ain’t facts
I was out here trappin’ on my own and n***** ain’t tappin’ in
And now the same happenin’
Thuggin’ while you stay cappin’ and
I’ma stay action
I got the whole you paid fractioning

Ain’t no payback, ya digg
N***** get that bass clap and It
N****, you act like a hoe
I’m a body builder, got her an ass and nose
I’m out where It snows, I’ve been thuggin’ ’cause I’m chose
How you never grow? N****, look, my diamonds froze, uh

I could do that too, n****, you ain’t fire
Ya’ll n***** been hatin’, how you ain’t tired?
I told her I love her, she know I’m lyin’
Oh, that was your hoe, but now your bitch cryin’
Big pilin’, we could make this big violent
They gon’ play a big violin at your wake, I’m big smilin’, ah

Ahh, ahh
Let’s get back to it, you a bitch
I ain’t talkin’ dogs, you be barkin’
Oh, I’m in that Bentley parkin’
Know we off a Xan, might barf it though
I got way too high, so I just had to quit the sparkin’ off
He was talkin’ poppin’, a problem, so we gon’ knock him off

Ahh, lil’ n**** you ain’t
Ahh, lil’ n**** you ain’t
Lil’ n**** you ain’t
Lil’ n**** you ain’t shit, so stop actin’ like you poppin’, n****, uh
We could get to droppin’, n****, mop a n****

You act like a cop, my n****, stop it, n****
Hit you with that fye my n****, opp a n****
Stupid, haha
N***** still talk about “Tables”

That’s hilarious, n****
I’ll pull up to your funeral, n****, laughin’
Actin’ like I fucked with you, pussy
Give your mom a big smooch, big kiss on the cheek, mufucka
Yeah, that type of shit


Funeral Lyrics Joey Trap