Jana Horn – Jordan Lyrics

Jordan Lyrics By Jana Horn

They called me to jordan, said “boy,
Pack your things. The greatest bomb is coming to sort out the unclean.
And if you go to jordan, you’ll face your enemies… But if you don’t,
You won’t have more than your mother’s grief. And when you go to jordan,
Don’t stop for anything. When she asks you if you’re thirsty, and you are,
Don’t have a drink. It’s not your task to understand the power of your feet.
You just must walk to jordan boy, because it’s what we need.”

So I, to jordan, with nobody in tow,
Do walk the day into the end of its shadow.
With a mind to quiet the questions that I keep,
Like a baby in the womb rocks his mother into sleep.

And the road’s so long,
I do not know my name by the time my body falls flat at jordan’s gate,
And I cry “brother, sister, mary full of grace,
Please tell me what I’ve done to have been pulled up from my place!”

The gate unlocks and there before me stands a man who is so dark,
He has black bullets in his hands, and he says, “friend, my friend…
Do you remember me?” and I said: you must be mistaken sir, I came from galilee.

“why yes, I know, and you have served me well.
You have found the gates of jordan despite every kind of hell. Now please,
You must take this burden off of me.
I will blow my trumpet boy, and you’ll bomb galilee.”

“but sir, I can’t… That is my family.
They are just as dark and troubled,
And burdened by belief. I can’t be cut off from the shadow that was cast by my own feet…
To thank god for his calling at the cost of galilee.”

Then he grabbed my arm, said “take this trumpet here.
You can play your town a song while I take them by the ear.
This is the way of things you simply do not understand,
And I can only show you grace dear boy if you will take my hand.”

So there I lay my body to rest,
Having reached the gates of jordan for the journey in itself.
I cannot want to wander any longer through this hell…
To be left for dead in jordan, and be called emmanuel.