Inventory Management For Perfex CRM

Inventory Management For Perfex CRM
Inventory Management For Perfex CRM




Inventory Management For Perfex CRM is a tool that allows you to keep track of products throughout the supply chain of your company.



It optimizes the entire spectrum from order placement with your supplier to delivery of the order to your customer, mapping the complete journey of a product. By accurately tracking assets, companies can minimize waste, analyze trends, and make better investment decisions.





Inventory Management For Perfex CRM Features:

Centralized storage – The more stock locations you have to manage, the more difficult it is to manage orders and keep track of stock availability. With the inventory management module, you can find out the availability of your items and find their location in just seconds, even if they are placed in different warehouses or stores.




Stock control: Stock control is an effort by a business to provide the necessary stock items to meet consumer demand. The inventory management module allows you to keep up to date with the availability of your stock and ensure that it is always at a suitable level. The system sends a notification when inventory is running low so you can reorder immediately.



Greater efficiency: with the inventory management module, all complex activities in inventory management are simplified. Monthly to yearly inventory reports can be generated in seconds.
Improved productivity – Since multiple tasks are automated, your employees can focus more on other crucial tasks.

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They no longer need to be stuck on time-consuming tasks like taking inventory or generating reports with spreadsheets.
Minimized Costs – The inventory management module keeps your company away from financial losses due to human error, excessive stock storage, unnecessary purchases, late deliveries, etc. With a centralized and integrated system, you don’t need to spend extra money on additional systems to manage your inventory.



Satisfied customers: the inventory management module ensures that all customer orders are correctly fulfilled through real-time information related to their inventory levels. The system also allows you to track shipments until customers receive them. So in the end, this system helps increase customer satisfaction with your services.



Accurate Planning and Forecasting – An inventory management solution helps you be more proactive in planning and forecasting your inventory needs. With complete and accurate inventory reports, you can find out which products are the most popular, which are rarely requested by consumers, how much inventory to carry in the next few months, which vendors are most profitable, and any other important information that helps improve the productivity of your business.



Manage the list of merchandise attributes (type, group, subgroup, unit, color, body, size, style), declare the warehouse, the minimum inventory rules for each type of merchandise.
Set the profit rate, the profit rate that can be applied to each item. From the profit rate, the sales price can be calculated in two ways: according to the profit margin of the purchase price or the profit margin of the sale price. Support to round the value of the sale price. Support to create inventory automatically when having a purchase order or create a delivery receipt when the sales invoice is available.

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Manage merchandise, support classification by warehouses, by expiration date. Have a mechanism to warn about expired goods or goods below the minimum inventory. Each article has extended attributes inherited from the perfex article.
In the detail of each merchandise, it is possible to see details of which warehouses are still in stock with the quantity, the number of expired items (if any), the import, export, and adjustment history in the warehouse.
Import goods to the warehouse



Export goods from warehouse
Link inventory notes to invoices
Adjust the quantity in stock or report the loss of merchandise
Internal warehouse for import and export
View full warehouse transaction history
Reports on import, export, and inventory of goods in stock and reports on the value of current goods in stock.




Analyze the current value of inventory. Based on the profit ratio of each item, the purchase price and the selling price in the period will calculate the profit rate of the current inventory value of each item. From there, we will analyze the difference between these 2 profit ratios to develop business discount programs for customer development.





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