HelpDesk 3 – The Professional Support Solution

HelpDesk 3 - The professional Support Solution
HelpDesk 3 – The professional Support Solution




We know how support should work. Building support software for the last 11 years and providing professional support with it, we know exactly what a support platform should look like. Our live chat 3 has also been fully integrated into HelpDesk 3, so you will not only have a professional support solution, but you will also have one of the best self-hosted live chat solutions on the market.



Thanks to more than 3000 customers who used our previous versions, we have now created a masterpiece of the support platform. Live support chat, support tickets, email to tickets, attachments in chat, tickets, and emails are entered nice and safe, a complete content management system with manager of files and images, multilanguage ready, FAQ articles, comment blog system, custom fields, custom ticket status, custom priorities, customer management, and credit card billing system, 2Checkout and Paypal checkout are just a few HelpDesk 3 features.





HelpDesk 3 – The Professional Support Solution Features

Easy Installation

Member System

File System User-Friendly

Secure Protect

Operator Panel



Advanced tile and manager.

Complete tile system for chat and ticket attachments.

Auto Pro-Active

Departments unlimited

URL Blacklist

Auto Updater

Chat-Bot Setup








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