Heart Smiles (Prologue)


(😍Falling for a straight faced demon)

By Authoress Plank

The story revolves around Bao Feng, a 20 year old who has a strange situation of not being able to laugh or smile.

Getting admission into college seems to be his escape route from his mum but that escape route turns out dangerous, when he meets her.

Ah Lam!

Carefree, tough and daring Ah Lam is intrigued by Bao Feng, the straight faced demon and they eventually get on each other’s badside.

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Fate collides and brings both of the together, but greater risks awaits Feng who can hardly hold his smiles down with the funnny Ah Lam around him.

With his life at stake, will Bao Feng let go Ah Lam?
Will he stay with the one who makes his heart smile?
And what’s more?
Things get heated when Ah Lam’s past comes back to her!

Stay tuned to find out more about HEART SMILES