Hafsat Idris Sued For Alleged Film Inaction After Paying $1.3Million

Hafsat Idris
Hafsat Idris


Hafsat Idris Accused Of Alleged Film Inaction After Paying $1.3Million

A famous Nigerian film actress in the Kannywood film industry who participated in her first movie called Barauniya, Hafsat Ahmad Idris has been accused by a film production firm, UK entertainment, for alleged violation of the agreement.

Hafsat Idris was arrested for collecting N1.3million to star in a television series but ended up not fulfilling the terms of the agreement reportedly signed by both parties.

In a costume before a Kano State High Court 14 sitting at the Ungogo Local Government Area, the plaintiff claimed damages were incurred by the production outfit due to the breach of contract by the actress.

The production firm asked the court to award N10million as damages. The defendant, through her attorney, filed a formal response to the claims the court adjourned the case for hearing. Idris who joined Kannywood eight years ago is acknowledged as one of the richest actresses in the industry.