Grocery And Vegetable Delivery App Source Code


Grocery And Vegetable Delivery App Source Code
Grocery And Vegetable Delivery App Source Code

Grocery And Vegetable Delivery App Source Code Functions:

√  Application user: the administrator can see the total users registered in the application
√  Categories and subcategories: admin can create unlimited categories and subcategories with custom icons
√  Products – Add master products for all stores by standard pricing (stores can change price later)
 √ Delivery scheduling hours: admin can set delivery dates, days to allow the customer to choose a preferred time slot
√  Orders: all the details of the store orders can be seen here
√  Store management: admin can add multiple stores
√  Pages: internal pages to display in the app like about us, contact us, etc.
√  Rewards system: admin can set the value per reward point for the coin.
√  Personalized notification: notify customers about new offers and everything
√  Sliders: Admin can configure any number of banners in the app.


√  Coupons: Admin can create discount/promotion codes to offer discounts
√  Offer Product – Admin can set the product offered on any product and can offer a special discount for 24 hours.

Grocery And Vegetable Delivery App Source Code Features:


•  The customer will see products from the nearby store/warehouse only,
•  Rewards / Loyalty on every order (if set by admin)
•  Wallet option Customers can load cash into their wallet for quick and easy payment.
 • Convenience of delivery Customers can choose the date and time according to their wishes and receive their orders comfortably.
•  The customer can share and review the application
•  The client can communicate with you by call, WhatsApp, and email
•  Customers can view the status of current orders and previous orders
•  Customers can redeem reward points and they will be loaded into the wallet.
√  The store can select the products from the master list to sell
√  Price management by the store
√  Inventory management
√  The store administrator has the main role to manage orders.
√  The manager can change the status of orders
√  The manager can assign the order to the delivery man




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