Goodbye June – Stand And Deliver Lyrics

Stand And Deliver Lyrics By Goodbye June

Open your eyes, what do you see?
You’re circled by wolves staring patiently
They’re licking their lips for a piece of you
They lie and they wait for the wrong move

Show ‘em why you are and they’re not
Show ‘em why they freeze and you’re hot
Show ‘em why they bought the ticket
Show ‘em or you’re gonna regret it

Stand and deliver
You gotta make ‘em remember
You gotta prove ‘em wrong
Show ‘em all that your bigger
So stand and deliver
If you want to be remembered

The vulture circles over the kill
The warden wants to keep you in jail
The banker likes to see you broke
They all laugh at you when they know you’re their joke

They don’t give a damn about you
They don’t give a shit about what you’ve been through
They spit in your general direction
They’ll steal all your dreams just as long as you let them