Godwin Obaseki opens Edo Tech park



Godwin Obaseki opens Edo Tech park
Godwin Obaseki opens Edo Tech park

The Edo State Governor Mr. Godwin Obaseki opens Edo Tech park

Edo State Governor Mr. Godwin Obaseki opens the Edo Tech Park, an elite institute for software development and leadership training, noting that the park will graduate at least 15,000 world-class software engineers over the next five years.

Obaseki, who spoke at the opening of the launch campus for the Edo Technology Park in the Ohoromi community, Oredo Local Government District, Edo State, said his government intends to turn Edo into a technology outsourcing nerve center in Africa.

The Governor also thanked the World Bank for supporting the government’s efforts to empower youth and prepare them for the future.

According to him: “If not for the support of the World Bank, I am not sure what we could have done the same as we did for our people, which made them vote for us for a second term.

“Today we are embarking on a new journey, and we are fortunate to have the World Bank’s Regional Director for Nigeria, Shubham Chaudhury, and the Bank’s Managing Director, to see what we, as humans, are trying to do to change our position in the future. ”

He continued, “We didn’t wait for them to help us design what our future should be, or to help us start the journey into the future. We did not wait with our hands behind our backs to bring the future to life.

“But to show them that this is what we started and how we organized ourselves to begin to face the challenges of the future. Having seen how we are organized and position ourselves, we hope that, like ten years ago, you will renew your partnership with us. ”

“Support us with the necessary connections, in particular, technical support; we realized that technical support is more expensive than money, it will help us to take a new path, a new direction for our youth in this country, ”the governor said.

Obaseki went on to say, “We are updating our entire staff and laying the foundation for a future that will affect how we organize a government in terms of e-government; how we organize food production from an agricultural perspective; how we organize our social spaces and how we connect our past, our culture, our artifacts and our monuments with our creativity and technology to help create a special niche for us as a people and bring something truly African to the world. ”

For his part, the World Bank’s Managing Director for Development Policy and Partnerships, Dr. Mari Elka Pangestu, expressed her satisfaction with the government programs and reforms aimed at providing employment chances for Edo youth.