Gabriel Omoya Have Been Evicted From The Gulder Ultimate Search 2021

Gabriel Omoya
Gabriel Omoya

Olayinka Gabriel Omoya, one of the male contenders for the grand prize in the search for Gulder Ultimate “Age of Craftmanship”, was evicted first.

Olayinka Gabriel Omoya is an actor, a playwright, and a content creator. He acknowledges himself to be affable and realistic and has a great sense of humor Omoya, a member of the  Clan Amo, failed the test after his clan lost the [Third Eye Challenge]

Toke Makinwa, the host of the show, sentenced the clan to The Talking Drum Place after they failed their challenge. She said that Omoya, as an artisan, had to be careful after losing the leg of his sandals.

They were given another assignment, indicated by the Council of Elders: they were shown pictures of ten different fruits and had to write down their names in the order of appearance.

Omoya was able to name only three names that completed his journey to Gulder Ultimate Search 2021, as he was the smallest of the participants after one was evicted, there were 17 applicants left to fight for the main prize.