Fuerza Regida – Biography

Biography Of Fuerza Regida

Fuerza Regida are part of a new wave of artists reinventing traditional Mexican corridos for Gen-Z sensibilities. Composed of members Jesus Ortiz Paz (vocals), Jose Garcia (tuba), Samuel Jaimez (requinto), and Khrystian Ramos (six-string guitar), California by way of Michoacán group officially formed in 2015.

They initially gained traction by playing covers in local underground gigs (so-called “flyer parties”) and gradually built a fanbase through regular shows and word-of-mouth. Much like their urban corrido brethren Natanael Cano, the Mex-Am quartet also amassed a considerable following online, racking up YouTube streams of their DIY-produced videos.

It would be their 2018 viral hit, “Radicamos En South Central,”––a candid tribute to their SoCal roots––that garnered the attention of Ramón Ruiz from LEGADO 7, who quickly signed them to two of his labels, Lumbre Music and Rancho Humilde. Very soon, the group would go on to sell-out shows in California, Texas, and New York.

Championing the trap corridos movement, songs like the working-class-hero classic “Sigo Chambeando” (2019) and “El Dinero Los Cambió” (2019) showcase the group’s flair for the urban and colloquial, while also embodying a lackadaisical Californian vibe.

Yet, Fuerza Regida also maintains a certain reverence for the corrido’s century-old rural roots, as displayed in the boozy-anthem compilation series Pisteando Con la Regida (2019) and Pisteando Con La Regida, Vol. 2 (2020).